Spirit Guides – Part 4 – I hope Marvel doesn’t sue me. :)

The following blog  is a 8 part series on Spirit Guides, my experiences, and what you might do in order to contact your own. 


Discovering the Dakini – Part 2

Mind travelling is a kind of astral travel. You can’t class it as an out of body experience, though. It’s where you are fully conscious but your mind is viewing things elsewhere. Many people do it, and dismiss it as day dreams, though experience has taught me that it may be anything but.

As mentioned in the last entry, I felt a very strong compulsion to be somewhere, so I followed it.

I found myself in what you might term an astral level. For some reason, I wasn’t happy, and I began to shake these astral corridors and filled them with light. Those corridors are like sub areas in the planes where entities can hide from view but are still able to observe. Somehow, I was able to shake them out and into view and I recall many entities running for cover.

I then felt myself darting about the place at an extremely fast pace, as though I was avoiding something. Suddenly I came across the giant lizard again. However, something about it looked odd. It was just standing there. It did not react to my presence in any way. It was as though it was waiting for something.

Next to it was this machine which was producing small dark bubbles. I had come across these machines before in my mind journeys, and I felt that the purpose was to produce certain types of energy, maybe for attacks or to corrupt auras.

I then heard a voice instructing me to destroy the machine. As I felt that whatever it was, it wasn’t a good thing to have around I decided to do just that.

Then the same voice urged me to destroy the lizard. However, I didn’t make a move. Destroying anything sentient was against who I was. Even though people had, in the past,  urged me to destroy evil or dark beings, I found I just couldn’t do it.

It was then that I noticed the lizard didn’t seem real. I took a closer look and found it wasn’t. It was clearly a decoy.  Then the real one appeared behind me.

In retrospect, I figured there were two scenarios here. If I had attacked the decoy I would  have been ambushed. I also would have left myself wide open to the lizard’s energies as engaging in battle would have attuned me to those energies, leaving me vulnerable. (This is certainly the subject of another topic.)

The other was that it saw I wasn’t going to attack, so it felt it was safe to attack me as I probably wouldn’t defend myself or maybe I might not even be able to do so.

Either way, before it had a chance to do anything, I suddenly was surrounded by these tall beings. I looked at their faces and found they were hard to describe: Intense, severe, warrior like.  The right words don’t really come to me to explain it.

The word ‘Dakini’ flashed in my mind, and I watched as they surrounded the lizard, quickly neutralized it and then carried it away.

If I expected them to introduce themselves or make themselves known to me, I would have been disappointed. They acted as though meeting me was an everyday occurrence that was nothing special. I felt like I was just someone who they were very used to and hardly worth the acknowledgement. I found that very odd and interesting. The most I got was a glance and nod, like walking past a work colleague you see a dozen times a day and that was it.

The guiding voice in my mind told me later that they had been waiting for me to draw the lizard out so it could be taken away.

As a side note, curiously enough, I never heard again from the lady I had been chatting to after this event I don’t know if there was any connection between the two things, but it always felt like there was.

Over the next two or so days, I mulled over this incident, I felt there was to be more to this than met the eye.  I felt I was missing something here.

I also discussed it with my online friend, who said that she had had the Dakini turn up for her the week before.

Since I discovered that I could trace energies, I also had discovered that, I was able to trace them retrospectively, and thus identify many beings and the essence of people I had come across in my life, even if it was many years ago.

It took me a day or so, but it dawned on me that the guides who had been talking to me all my life, guiding me, protecting me, telling me who I was, and giving me so many other messages, had the same energy of the Dakini.

This was quite a mind blowing revelation to me. While this seemed to be one of those things where I wasn’t sure if it was suggestion on the part of people and the book or if it was real, it certainly felt right.

Next: Validation

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7 thoughts on “Spirit Guides – Part 4 – I hope Marvel doesn’t sue me. :)

  1. When you say that you travel through the astral in your mind, what do you see, how do you feel? I can understand this may be something hard to describe, but at the moment I am looking into astral travel and trying to understand more about it. I have not had any successful projections yet but I am certainly interested to know more about it.


    1. I call it Mind Travelling. A friend of mine calls it Mind Scaping.

      They are images I see in my mind’s eye, and words I hear in my mind’s thoughts.

      When I do it, it’s because it’s due to a compulsion I feel. I get a strong sense that I need to be somewhere, or do something within my mind. Most of the time, there is no reason behind it, but a story always unfolds that is happening in another place.

      Many stories I thought I had just dreamt up or imagined years ago turned out to be something others remembered, or experienced, too. Once I became aware that what I was doing might well be real, I was very careful from then on.

      This is different to normal astral travel, or out of body experiences. I have never been able to do that, even though I tried. In hindsight, I’m glad, because apparently there’s a slew of astral entities out there who do not wish me well.

      And yeah, I know that sounds a bit nutty. 🙂


      1. Not at all. I hear the voices too. I once committed myself into a mental ward. I was suffering from post traumatic stress, but somehow my intuition went through the roof at this time. I get two kinds. One are verbal I hear them with my minds ear. Like when you verbalize a thought in your mind and say it to yourself what you are thinking. Though it doesn’t come from a thought I am having and I often miss the first word or two because I’m not expecting it. If I concentrate hard I can figure it out later though. Then there is communication with my guide. There is no sound. Just knowing. I usually repeat what I believe she has said to me in my mind and she confirms her meaning with a thumbs up. The transfer of communication is instantaneous in this case and my repeating it is the only thing that takes up time. Recently we have discovered if we want to we can put a voice to her thoughts. She tells me there are attacks happening to me on an astral level and reminds me often to protect myself as she is unable to. Her’s is only a role to guide.


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