Depression Series – Anti-depressants or how depressing, they’re screwing me up.


It’s fortunate that depression is finally recognized as a real problem.

There are help lines out there, organizations (Where I live, there is one called Beyond Blue, which is a wonderful initiative) and they are developing drugs to help us cope.

Medical treatment is still in the early stages, though, in my opinion, but at least they are doing something.

That being said, I have tried anti-depressants. I was going through a terrible time, and my partner at the time suggested I see a doctor. He prescribed them to me. I tried several types, but found they did not work for me.

What I found was that it seemed to cut me off from my empathy, and I felt like I was walking around in a vacuum. I also found that it has a negative effect on my moods and certainly didn’t like my body. It was a very unpleasant experience.

I know that anti-depressants certainly help people, but I suspect that many empaths are not doing themselves any favours by taking them.

They mask the symptoms, not heal the causes.

If you are on anti-depressants, do not go off them without medical advice. It can harm you.

As mentioned, I believe that the Bach Flower Remedies would help many with dealing with depression. Personally, I know I’d be a basket case many times over without them. For those who are interested, I will start blogging about them, and all the ways they can be used to help heal depression soon.

The remedies do work well with any other type of treatment, and this is because they don’t work on a physical level, so they are not like homeopaths, drugs, aromatherapy, and the like, each of which has their own particular set of dangers.

That being said, if you wish to try the Bach Flower Remedies, it’s important to note that they are preserved in alcohol. While the remedy itself is completely safe to take, and does not work on a physical level, some people cannot tolerate alcohol.

There are some solutions to this:

You can dilute the remedies into a dropper bottle of water, and then put 4 drops into a glass of water. The alcoholic content is said to be too small to measure.

You can rub the remedies on your wrist or temples or other pressure points. That does seem to work. My partner responds amazingly well, and she’s sensitive to alcohol.

You can try making your own remedies. There are books on that subject.

I understand that the Bach Centre is making non-alcoholic versions of the remedies. Most certainly they have put out Rescue Remedy in different forms now.

If anti-depressants are working for you, then this is a good thing. I just have spoken to too many for whom they do not work for, and they are in an even bigger mess.

Whatever you do, make sure you know exactly what you are doing. Find out as much about them as you can. This is your body and your quality of life you are dealing with.

Depression is an epidemic and not understood enough yet. But it can be cured. I’m living proof of that. (And others I’ve treated, too.)

13 thoughts on “Depression Series – Anti-depressants or how depressing, they’re screwing me up.

  1. I am struggling with this. My antidepressant allows me to function and have energy and a positive mood, but it completely dulls my empath abilities. I tried to wean off of the meds but the extreme hopelessness and lack of energy returned. Do I have to sacrifice my empath abilities in order to avoid severe depression? I tried Bach’s and they helped but not to the degree I needed.


  2. Good information, thanks for sharing.
    Yes, anti-depressants are not for everyone. I did a lot of research on them before I went to my Dr.
    Mine are working well, and it is a relief to know that I don’t have to plan on being on them forever. As a former addict this was one of my biggest concerns.
    I look forward to more in your series and will check out Bach Flower Remedies!


  3. When I was studying the flowers I was taught they were discovered in Germany during the times of the great depression. They were used to lift the people emotionally during the country’s hardships. The flowers dealing with very fundamental emotions.


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