Depression Series: – Apathy or I couldn’t be bothered writing this.


Check List:

  • Do you feel heaviness in your limbs?
  • Do you have trouble getting started on an activity you wish to do but you just don’t have the energy?
  • Every movement is an effort, even though you are well rested.

Apathy is when you don’t really care too much about things. It’s a kind of depression where your body might feel very heavy and your energy is lacking.

While it is generally a lack of interest or feeling indifferent to things, I feel it also is connected to depression and generally may go hand in hand with guilt or fear about the future.

I know that at times, I feel a heaviness in my limbs, and I find it hard to do anything, even if it’s something I enjoy doing.

In fact, it feels as though your soul is weighed down by some heaviness which you can’t define.  Sleeping doesn’t really seem to help, or if it does, you tend to find it’s very short term, and before you know it, after a short while, you feel the heaviness again.

Many years ago, I was holidaying up in Queensland, when I visited Seaworld. In spite of being happy to be there, I my limbs felt heavy and everything I did took extreme effort.

I found this stopped when I had a cup of coffee. I felt immediately better afterwards. I am not sure of the connection here, but I thought I’d mention it.

I have pondered if one of the causes of apathy is anaemia.

It might also be poor oxygen circulation by not enough fluids.

I’m not exactly sure, at the time of writing, what causes Apathy. I suspect it’s due to energy blockages. It’s as though the energy isn’t flowing through your meridians.

I think on an emotional level, it’s when you experience doubt of any kind. You feel, what is the point, when something doesn’t seem to be going the way you feel it should.

You can have 1000 successes, but it only takes one setback, real or imagined, to bring you down.

What I have found is that the Bach Flower Remedy, Wild Rose is amazing for it. I know that when I take it, the heaviness I feel lifts right away.

Bach Flower Remedy: 

Wild Rose

4 thoughts on “Depression Series: – Apathy or I couldn’t be bothered writing this.

  1. This is the first time I’ve read about anaemia as a possible cause for apathy. I tend to drift between anaemic and a little low on Iron; its the way its always been for me. I have had my fair share of depressive bouts and apathy.

    For the longest time, I’ve been clearing my Chakras regularly – daily even. It helps – a lot 🙂 Blessings.


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