Depression Series: Diet (part 1) or this depressing food is making me want more of it.

Diet – Part 1.

I have found diet to have a profound effect on depression.

When I eat certain foods, I find that it can make me feel depressed and sluggish afterwards. Below are my own observations on the subject and should not be taken as nutritional advise.

There are a million diet books out there, and lots of information on foods, and what is good for you or not, so I’m not trying to create my own diet plan.

Hopefully the below thoughts are useful to you.

Here are some of the things I’ve noticed in regards to food.

Avoid junk food.

Yes, this is a no brainer, but the energies in junk food are bad for an empath. We readily absorb energies, and if it’s negative energy, we are also ingesting it into our system.

Sugars can depress you.

Avoid confectionery such as diary milk chocolate, or anything that gives you a sugar rush. The spike in blood sugar and drop can really mess with your emotions. If you are susceptible to depression, it can affect you. In regards to chocolate, I’ve found that eating 85% cocoa and above dark chocolate helps satisfy the chocolate cravings. Your body gets more of what it craves without all the added bad junk.

Also note that the purer the chocolate, the more bitter it is, and so you won’t get that sugar fix, but you will definitely need much less to satisfy the craving.

We tend to eat ‘bad’ food, or food that taste great, but isn’t healthy, in an attempt to gain pleasure. When we’re having a bad day, eating something delicious can make us feel better, at least while we’re eating it. Even though I’ve never touched drugs, I understand that it’s similar to getting a high, except with food, the high is very quickly gone.

Little wonder that we eat to make ourselves feel better, especially when we’re feeling depressed, or having a bad day, or simply out of boredom.  It doesn’t help us, though, with dealing with depression on any meaningful way. It just makes it worse.

Try to eat organic certified foods.

It’s not what’s in it, but rather what isn’t it, such as chemicals.

Nowadays, our fruit and vegetables look perfect. The apples are whole and bright, and our vegetables look picture perfect. But when you eat them, they just don’t taste how they should.

An empath will notice, if they choose to do so, that the life force of the fruit is severely diminished. There’s an energy that can be smelt, felt and tasted. Today’s perfect looking food is lacking this.

Organic food may not look perfect, and the price is certainly higher, but it’s better for you, and really, you need less of it as it contains more of the building blocks that your body needs to repair itself and keep itself in good health.

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