Know an empath? Why not tell them they are one?

There’s a lot to be said about empaths. There are so many about, and it seems that many don’t even know they are one.

I have to wonder about how much difference it would make to this world is all the empaths were self-realized.

Imagine, for a moment, that there is someone you know who is clearly sensitive.

They hurt when others hurt.

See things that many can’t.

Suffer from depression for no known reasons.

Knows when you are down, and what you need.

And they just feel the pain of this world and take it on themselves.

So many people are like that and they believe they are crazy. Others tell them they are over sensitive. (As though, they can turn a knob and adjust how they feel!)

And yet, if someone said to them, you might well be an Empath, you should look into it, you might have not only changed someone’s life, but they might have even saved one.

There is now a lot of information out there on what an Empath is, what to do, and how to cope. This blog is dedicated to getting that information out there.

If you are an empath, you will sense other empaths. You will just know when you meet one. You might even sense it from their photo, their voice or just the energy you get over the phone or the net.

Let them know who they are and ask them to do the same for other empaths they know.

Eventually, there will be a critical point where Empahy will not only be accepted as normal, but embraced, and, dare I say it, a blessing and a joy to this world.

And yes, there is always the chance you might be ignored, you might feel you’ve made a mistake, and you might feel foolish or awkward.

But don’t let fear stop you from changing a life. You could be the one to change someone’s life for the better, and heal not only them, but future generations.

If you know someone who’s an Empath. Tell them.

14 thoughts on “Know an empath? Why not tell them they are one?

  1. Gah – this is annoying. I typed up a really nice reply to this and the browser crashed and lost it.

    To summarize, I don’t know what you feel about my energy when I type these messages, but I’m actually not an empath ‘anymore’, I used to be a strong emotional empath, but after I told my energy healer, she did something to close my aura more tightly. After that, I could barely feel anyone’s emotions! This led to a much easier, slightly more boring life!

    I bet that’s pretty rare for a person to go through – both states, being completely aware of everyone’s emotions, then feeling wrapped in bubble-wrap and oblivious to it most of the time. What do you think? We can talk more about this if you want. You should be able to detect if I’m lying anyway – people who are lying always give out awkward, shrinking aura’s, along with that slightly creepy ‘something isn’t right’ feeling.

    Will my messages get through this time? I’m having a lot of net trouble today.


    1. It got though, though you might want to type into a word document before posting. 🙂

      Empaths can be overwhelmed, and end up shutting down due to too much trauma. Often that leads to clinical depression.


      1. When I was in high-school, I couldn’t cope with the intense sea of negative emotions around me, so I shut down, went numb and got properly depressed for…perhaps 6-12 months. Fortunately I re-opened myself and felt better after this period when I was put in a safer place, so to speak. So I can very much relate to this!


      2. Yeah like I said before, I definitely shut down at some point. However I know for sure that things are different now, I don’t detect things like I used to! It’s been that way for a couple of years now.
        I’ve also been in contact with a guy who turned into a strong empath who wasn’t one previously. But then he found it difficult to function well around people. When they reach a level of meditation the pineal gland gets activated and the aura opens up to merge with nearby people (or people far away if you focus on them).
        I’ve also been told that some type of emotional trauma in the current life or past life can cause the aura to open out in ways it shouldn’t!
        So I’m just trying to think of reasons why some of us are Empath’s and some aren’t.


  2. Thank you for the positive feedback on my recent blog post. I have a feeling, after reading through some of your blog posts, that you purposely may have liked my post, knowing that I would recognize in your writings what I have always felt, but had no name for. I believe I may be an empath too! Now I have a name for what I’ve felt my entire life! Thank you. I will be following your blog now, as it has awakened a whole new knowledge within me.


      1. Oh my Gawd!!! This is what has been going on with me for the past few months. I have met a few people that I just “felt” were Empaths. Only 2 believed me, the other 3 think I’m nutz and now look at me funny…..and that’s freaking fine. WHY? Because people have thought I am nutz my entire life. Sometimes it disturbs me, because it’s difficult to find someone that is not a pretender/liar. You can say “You’re not alone” until you’re blue in the face, but not being able to connect with like minded people in REAL life is pretty depressing 😦 I know I have a freight car of baggage from my upbringing, but one thing for sure will never change-I will always stay WHO I AM and that’s someone that is bursting with love at the seams…..I need help with my abilities. I need serious one on one help. I can’t hardly focus anymore because I am in a relationship with a DEMON that I cannot get out of at this moment in time. WHY God? Sorry, silly to question, because I know why. The reason WHY is because God has faith in me. I need some faith in myself. I find it hard to believe that we chose our parents. Why would anyone want to chose loveless, abusive parents? WHY? To fine tune our Empath skills? Then WHY did my flesh and blood brother NOT turn out to be an Empath? Why did he turn into a miserable prick like my father? WHY did I not turn into my parents? (pulling hair out of scalp!!!) Why did they do to me what was done to them, YET I NEVER did it to my own son? It’s freaking illogical to me that a person could abuse/neglect their own children if they did not like the abuse/neglect themselves when they were kids? People are dolts…..GN


  3. I just found your blog. I’ve always been an empath. I have just never called myself one before. I can remember absorbing other people’s emotions even as a child. I think its great that you have this blog and are getting the message out there. I’ve always felt like I’m the only one. Then again, I’ve never talked to anyone about it


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