Empath Series: Three tips to help cope with being an Empath or I have to do what?


Being an Empath is not an easy road. The higher level you are, the more overwhelmed, and challenged you may feel. The below are some tips on what you can do to cope.


Take a shower.

This is a very simple technique, but it can help enormously. Take a shower or a bath. Water helps wash away the psychic pollution that you have accumulated during the day. Stand or lie in it, and imagine light showering you and all the days takings being washed away.

I can’t cope without my nightly shower.

On the subject of baths, it’s really important that you rinse off first before taking a bath. Water is programmable, and is able to take on the vibrations of what is put into it. (Water is amazing stuff!)

If you don’t rinse off first, you will bath in a tub full of the psychic pollution that you are trying to get rid of. So, quickly have a shower, imagine the darkness flowing away, and enjoy your bath. I recommend a packet full of Epson salts and 7 drops of the Lavender essential oil.

Do something physical.

Running, walking, sports, Tai-Chi, yoga,, etc. This can help greatly. Do what makes you feel good. When you feel good, you will be more in your body.

And yes, I know that when you’re tired, it’s hard to get started, and it’s the last thing you want to do. Even a five minute walk will help.

My partner’s dog ensures that I get out a few times a week. 🙂

Avoid dramas

One of the things I had to do to help gain control over my empathy was to stop feeding my dramas. The Celestine Prophecy, a fictional book by James Redfield, put four main drama’s into a nutshell.

Aloof – Staying distant from others emotionally.
Interrogator – Finding fault with what others say or do.
Intimidator – Aggressive behaviour in order to dominate others
Poor me – Being a victim.

This is done to have energy focused on ourselves, though the results end up being negative rather than positive.

I used to be aloof and then fall into poor me mode. Even though I certainly didn’t enjoy it, and even though they never worked for any length of time, I never saw myself as being in a drama. To my mind, I was the misunderstood soul battling against all odds in a world that didn’t understand, much less care. In truth, no one really notices that much when you are aloof. They just assume that you’re not interested. Poor me / victim people are generally avoided as they can be very draining

The thing with dramas is that they are hard to accept while you are in them. What’s more, even if you know you are in them, you may not care and it just annoys and anger you for someone to point it out. It was not until I made the decision to consciously stop entering into them that things really started to change for me.

One of the keys was being honest with myself. I would often pretend one motivation while really secretly harbouring another. And yes, my reasons were always sound, but they were not the real reasons I would do things. Ultimately, such behaviour ends up being counterproductive and denying your real reasons for doing something, even to yourself, does not make them any less real or valid.

This can be dangerous behaviour for an empath to indulge in because you are unwittingly creating chinks in your boundaries.

Boundaries are the limits you set for yourself. They are very important, especially for an empath, because once you’ve set them, and more importantly, enforce them, then you will start to know where you end and others begin. Limits such as, for example, refusing to be drawn into someone’s drama. Refusing to take on the guilt of someone else. Not getting involved in pointless gossip. Those are just examples. What you choose to define is completely up to you, but whatever you choose, do your best to enforce it.

By setting boundaries, you are also defining yourself, and that is why it’s important to be as honest with yourself as possible. Let all your actions define who you see yourself as, and who you wish to be.


13 responses to “Empath Series: Three tips to help cope with being an Empath or I have to do what?”

  1. Kaye Taylor Avatar

    I am not going to claim ‘powers’ that I do not possess or believe in. Instead, I am going to explain what I do possess. I feel people’s pain and sadness. All the time, since I was a very young child. I hate it! I can’t tell you how much. Not only do I feel it, I draw especially physical illness in. There seems to be no filter for this. I can’t explain the fatigue and pain. There are no words and no relief. And, I am compelled to continue to help these people. I feel like I am being g consumed, like a victim of the proverbial vampire attack. That’s what being an empath truly is. No glory, nothing special. Just a lifetime of psychic assault and physical pain. It is soul destroying.


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      I know it’s hard. Personally, if I didn’t have the Bach Flower Remedies, I’d have been a basket case a long time ago.


  2. bamboozled1 Avatar

    very sound, practical advice, thank you, ive been searching for some hehe. am new to this but everything has all seemed very woo woo until now… the celestine prophecy blew my mind in my teens, that was almost 20 years ago… maybe i have to go read it again… thanks again!


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      You’re welcome. Yes, the TCP is great starting point for many. It’s also a book that creates synchronicity.

      I hope you enjoy what you find here. 🙂


  3. key Image Photographers Avatar

    Thank you very interesting and helpful advice, especially about the bath!


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Thanks and welcome 🙂


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  7. hypersensationalism Avatar

    Thanks for this, very helpful :)x


  8. J Avatar

    Hi Gary,

    When you talk of setting boundaries, does it work with something like plants? Because this blog is what it is and hence, without the fear of being taken as a nut case, here’s something that I wish to ask. Do all psychic empaths feel the vibrations from plants? Like they perhaps do from animals? I’m not into nature worship or wiccan rituals etc. etc. However, I had a huge tree for a friend when young but after someone came and cut it down, I was too traumatised to have a friend that ‘died’ so easily and could do nothing to protect itself despite its size. I stuck to humans after that, often with disastrous consequences. I’m usually fairly oblivious to the vibrations from trees and plants. I don’t pay attention to them (the vibrations). However, recently, one night, I came down with a strange heaviness across my back and shoulders, which seemed to weigh steadily, steadfastly. I could not find a reason for this pain, which was very peculiar, sort of diagonal in its spread. Early next morning, during my walk in the park, my body was pulled in a particular direction where I saw a slightly delicate plant almost flattened out by a thick branch of a big tree around it, which had fallen on it, diagonally. The pain in my back and shoulders grew as I walked around the place. It got unbearable and I sensed that it sort of reached me from the plant that now lay almost prostrated. I managed to get rid of the heavy branch with some help, restored the smaller tree to some of its normal posture and gradually the pain in my back and across my shoulders eased off. Within an hour it was gone. I’m glad i was able to help out ‘a tree in need’ but one needs to have boundaries or there would be too much of an encroachment upon oneself with physical manifestations in terms of some illness or the other. Any thoughts on this?



    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Hi, J,

      Yes, lots of thoughts, and no, it’s not a crazy question. (And makes perfect sense to me.)

      Mind if I compose an answer and make it question of the week?



      1. J Avatar

        go right ahead! 🙂



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