Paranormal experiences series: Switching videos or I know I’m getting older but…

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So, I decided to go looking for a music video that I had seen back around the year 2000, that I wanted to see again.  While YouTube certainly has many detractors, one can’t deny that it’s a wonderful source for finding those obscure and lost songs you thought you’d never hear again.

The video in question was Say My Name by The Spice Girls.

When it was released, I saw it while I was waiting in the waiting room of the doctor’s office where the television was showing the top 40.  Video was average, but I liked it.

So much so, that the next week, I was back in the same place, same time and I waited for the video to be shown, and it was. So I watched it and enjoyed it and Say My Name was firmly cemented in my mind.

But wait a minute, Gary, you might be thinking. Destiny’s Child sang Say My Name, not the Spice Girls.  You must be mistaken.

And normally I’d agree with you. However, when it comes to music, which was an obsession of mine, I do tend to remember songs pretty clearly. I associate memories and feelings with songs. Every other memory I have of music videos and songs is accurate.

When I heard Destiny’s Child’s version of Say My Name, I thought to myself that I liked Spice Girl’s better. They somehow had put more into it. I also assumed that The Spice Girls had done a cover version, as it was clear that the song was attributed to Destiny’s Child.

So,  as I was watching something on YouTube, Beyoncé was mentioned, which reminded me of the video I liked, and so I did a search for it… and came up empty.

No problem, I thought, though I did have a sinking feeling that something wasn’t right. So, I searched every possible way to try and find even a mention or vague reference to it. There was nothing. I checked out the official video by Destiny’s Child, but that was nothing like the one I saw, and of course, didn’t sound like the version I remembered either, plus I was certainly I had not seen that video before either.

I know my memory isn’t that bad when it comes to music. I can remember words and songs from when I was a very young age, and should I look them up, I find I remember them almost verbatim.

Upon further investigation, I found the song Holler, which contains that video, but the music is different.

In fact, I do not recall ever hearing that song before.

I mused that maybe both videos followed each other, but the release timing seems to be out for that, at least for two weeks in a row.

As a one off situation, I would put this down to faulty memory.

But… is it a faulty memory or something more? I’m prepared to say, yeah, faulty memory, but then, there were other incidences in my life that make me wonder… and that leads to some intriguing stories.

Those will be explored next time.

Next: Memories of something that didn’t happen.






8 responses to “Paranormal experiences series: Switching videos or I know I’m getting older but…”

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  6. Whispering Fields Avatar
    Whispering Fields

    LOL, I think we may be related! I have memories of things that didn’t happen also. A strange thing!


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Yes, it’s interesting. I do have a theory behind it, but I’ll get to it soon.


      1. Whispering Fields Avatar
        Whispering Fields

        I’m looking forward to that. Great reads here on your blog.


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