Paranormal experiences series: Changing conversations or I said what now?

John Rambo in Rambo.

I have a bad memory, it would seem. I remember things that didn’t happen. I read things I can’t find later. I own things that vanish. I hear music that no one has ever heard of. I have conversations that never happened… well you get the idea.

It’s an interesting phenomenon, having memories for things that didn’t exist. I’ve written about three main ones, but that’s certainly not all of it.

I’ve had a lot of conversations with friends over the years where, should I have the same conversation again at a later date, the response is not only completely different, but they deny ever having said the original statements at all.

For instance, back in 83, me and one of my friends, Glenn, went to see the movie First Blood.

At the time, I enjoyed it, being young and all, and Glenn remarked as we discussed it afterwards that if the book was as good as the movie, then he was certainly going to enjoy it.

At this point, I should mention that for many, many years, I kept a diary. It was meticulous, and for whatever reason, I would often write down my friend’s comments, or conversations, verbatim. I was pretty good at remembering the details back then. So, if I needed to remember something, I would just go back and look it up.

This was one of those comments, but oddly enough, a couple of years later, he said he had read the book before seeing the movie, and explained how he had enjoyed the book and had been looking forward to movie.

I’ve had quite a few similar conversations with Glenn over the years, making me scratch my head as to why he would take opposing viewpoints, especially when he just wasn’t that type of personality.  In fact, Glenn is pretty meticulous with his facts and has an excellent memory and I’ve never seen him joke or try to screw around with someone’s head.

The same thing happened with my friend Paul. (who I was with during that incident at Hanging Rock).  Not only would he have a completely different memory of events, but when he told a story, there would be variances in them. Even one story, which he told several times, changed from one version to another, and then back again.

In fact, we had so many arguments about what happened that I was convinced that he had the worst memory of anyone I knew. Yes, he was more than adamant that he was right.

But it didn’t stop there. Often, people would attribute things to me that I had never said or done. For instance, my ex-wife and her daughter swore black and blue that I hated seeing movie previews.

Odd thing was, not only did I enjoy them, but I don’t recall ever even suggesting I hated them. Yet, both shouted me down, saying that I had said so.

Then there were events in history that seemed to change. Things which I was taught were real become just stories, and stories were actual events.

An example of his was in regards to Hanging Rock. One night, a group of us climbed up it and Paul and me discussed that he had thought the story based on Picnic at Hanging Rock was real, but he now understood that it was just fiction.

I had recently heard the same thing, and had also believed it had happened, especially as Glenn had once mentioned that his grandmother actually remembered the incident, and the local view was that the girls had just gone off with some boys.

It would seem that my entire life is peppered with such inconsistencies.

As I said, it could be a bad memory, but there was one incident that really left its mark on me and helped to unravel what might be going on.

Next: The unexpected death.

13 thoughts on “Paranormal experiences series: Changing conversations or I said what now?

  1. My wife and I have been experiencing this kind of thing ever since we met, a little over 9 years ago….and individually even before that. We constantly have to ‘compare notes’ in order to stay fairly straight between us about what goes on. ‘Reality’ is definitely not the black-and-white, static-and-linear thing that so many people believe it is. We jump around between realities that may seem the same but that are subtly different. When you can actually have an awareness of the differences is when it becomes very strange. We are all so conditioned to accept one single reality that it’s no wonder that most of the time when there is a ‘change’ that someone does notice, they just shrug it off as a slight memory problem. Here are a couple of examples of very specific things that have happened to me:

    I will be 47 in a couple of months. When I was growing up in the 1970s, ‘Milk Duds’ were malted milk balls. I did not like them. Other kids would offer them to me and I would decline. I have very vivid memories of that. A few years ago, I came to find out that in this reality, ‘Milk Duds’ are chocolate covered caramel….and always have been. I have always liked chocolate covered caramel very much. If that’s what they had been in my reality of years ago, I would have been a big fan of them.

    Just a little over a week ago, I was watching the first episode of the second half of the latest season of ‘The Walking Dead’. As the camera was on the character of The Governor for the last time, showing him lying on the ground dead, what I saw was that his left eye suddenly snapped open and the camera lingered on him for a few seconds with the eye open before it moved on to another scene. At the time, I thought to myself ‘wow….I wonder what they’re going to do with the character next?’ When I talked with my wife about it the next morning, she had not seen that. We had recorded the episode on our vcr and when we played it back what I saw was not there. Yet for me, it had been so sharp and clear, with no haze or ‘glitches’ or anything, that I had no reason to believe that it was not an ordinary part of the episode. Interestingly, my wife said that although she hadn’t seen it, she had ‘sensed’ it at the time. In what I saw, it had the look and feel to me as if there was something possessing the body of the governor that was not the zombie virus but something else altogether. The eye didn’t have the milky ‘cataract’ that’s characteristic of the makeup used when the producers of the show turn someone into a zombie. That’s why I was all the more intrigued at what they were going to do with the character next.

    For anyone who is interested in novels that deal with other realities, I recommend ‘Replay’ by Ken Grimwood (I felt that he kind of botched it at the very end, but I can overlook that) and ‘Time And Again’ and its sequel ‘From Time To Time’ both by Jack Finney.


    1. Thanks for sharing that. I do feel that this is a much more frequent occurrence than we give it credit for.

      There are entire sections of people out there who swear they watched something on TV that never happened or heard lines from movies that were never said.

      It might well be that they did see / hear it, but something happened that was a great catastrophe and people shifted to a reality where it never happened. And things they remembered may not have happened.

      I would love to compile a list of such incidences taken from personal experiences such as the ones you just shared.

      Of course, getting people to believe it is another matter!


  2. Hey man, i’ve been looking for any mention of things like this for a couple weeks and reading as much as i can because back in May of this year for a whole month i travelled between different versions of reality. I started getting REALLY into meditation during April and i was studying the Silva Life Method 2.0, and after a few weeks of meditating once a day right before my daily walks on which i’d do a little active meditation where i’m walking and thinking about various topics like time travel or such i started meditating more and more. I started meditating 2-3 times a day, then i’d meditate whenever i needed a question answered or just when i wanted the quick relaxation high from it. After a few days of more and more intense meditation, centering around Mother’s Day, I went deep one day and decided to re-program my brain, i went in and saw it as sort-of a hologram and i took all the dark strands/wrinkles and replaced them with vibrant glowing strands like the rest.

    Then i plugged the subconscious into the conscious mind as sort of a super-computer for answering any question, all i had to do was meditate for a few minutes and ask a question, fully believe in and expect an answer and wait for one and i’d get it. I was getting some amazing information back then, such as an actual explanation for how to manipulate time and space with your mind, the coordinates have to be EXACT, but you don’t need to generate them yourself you can ask the universe/ether, or whatever you want to call it, and then when it gives you the coordinates you hold them in your mind and as you focus on them things start to vibrate and blur and then you’re gone. Shortly after this all started happening my Mom was getting more and more distraught and emotional and she didn’t understand what was happening, and she took me to church and had me exorcised. While i was there before the exorcism took place i started using the energy of the singing joyful congregation to manipulate time around a string i was waving, to observe how Time functioned, but the energy from the church-goers soon became too much.

    I realized i needed something, such as contact with the earth to discharge all the excess. Then when i was prevented from doing so, Time started to bend strangely around me, i was trying hard to stay in the Present and not go somewhere or somewhen else, and at the time i thought it was also possible that all the energy may cause my physical body to decorporealize. I really didn’t wanna end up as a stain on the church floor, so i focused all my will on finding another way to discharge the energy. My mind finally came up with the possibilty of focusing on all the people i loved or had some connection with across time and space to send the excess energy to them. Also focusing on all the love energy was either neutralizing or making positive all the negative energy they were trying to exorcise from me, while i was straddling the vortex i realized that we are all sent here with a purpose and all languages and belief systems are imprinted into us before birth, and i recognized that they were chanting latin at me, and i immediately understood latin.

    After recognizing the Latin my mind was projected along the belief system tied to that language, Christianty, and my brain started downloading and “reading” or reliving the creation story for that religion. I realized that to stay in the reality i was from i had to make a strong tie to the person i loved most, to focus all my energies there and make an unbreakable tie to lead me back if anything went wrong. Then directly after the exorcism i was taken to the hospital for an MRI, and my brain activity was more or less 100%, my dad says my brain was working like an over-clocked computer, and shortly after arriving there i realized that because of that my head was actually over-heating, so i needed a more or less constant intake of water to help cool me down. After maybe 10-20 minutes there i began to see all the possible futures/outcomes of my having finally realized my life-long dream of tapping into my psychic abilities in a big way, and the one i was aiming for and did achieve, even though i later altered time to change it, was the one in which i signed on to serve the government in a capacity where i trained some of their best agents in specific abilities and i manipulated the time stream for them to bring about a more or less utopian society by introducing technologies from other times, places, and worlds/realities.

    It was when they started weaponizing my technologies that i decided they didn’t deserve my help, and i went back again and again until i could change things back to the way they were before. You see when i got deep into the meditation thing i realized that i could stream all my knowledge, ideas, and thoughts, back to myself in the past, and eventually do this constantly, so that i could instinctively change things in the present to affect the future in a positive way. I also eventually realized that this not only applies to time but to dimension as well, and i started projecting everything back and forward in time, and basically everywhere, compressing my memory into my favorite movies and TV shows and games, and into all light, color and sound. Then i started noticing songs would show up out of nowhere, that had been around for at least 6 months, some by bands that i KNOW had not previously existed. It was all very strange.

    After the hospital i was at a psychiatric facility for 4 days, in this reality anyway, and the minute i got there i KNEW i had guided my own actions to get there, part of my instinctive actions from my future knowledge. I then realized why the Faeries supposedly LOVE “crazy” people, and it is because when you’re a strong, or trained, Empath such as myself you can then absorb the emotional euphoric highs from them, the crazy creativity and ideas, and using your own structured mind make use of all that. While you’re under the “influence” like that you yourself appear to be demented but it is quite worth it for all the amazing things you learn. All those “crazy” people taught me many things, like how to compress knowledge into objects and then share it with others who know how to absorb and uncompress it from them. I learned how to walk between waking reality and dreamtime reality, to manipulate “regular” or “sane” people, which really isn’t that hard when they all think you’re completely nuts, it is funny how those who walk the higher paths of Enlightenment simply don’t care what others think of their Earth-Vessel’s sanity or lack-thereof.

    I learned that what people call the soul, that which generates all the other you’s in other times, realities, and places, is really a kind of light, projected from a star, which irradiates your body at birth with a specific kind of stellar radiation which allows you to “ping” your source if you know how, allowing you to request specific knowledge or memories from your other selves and recieve it back almost instantaneously. Sufficiently advanced souls, what you might call those higher to enlightenment, or “crazy” have not just a star but a whole solar system that they are originally generated from, all this you see and percieve around you is simply a communication/perception between different stars/energys/solar systems. The more powerful/enlightened ones can more easily tap into the powers generated from their source, but you must be careful because your power/energy IS finite, and when you source dies YOU and everyone with that source die. When you tap into the more powerful psychic abilities like Time/Reality Manipulation you burn up the energy from your stars, and the only way to get energy back is to cultivate a LOT of loving relationships, on every plane of existence, because when someone looks at you or thinks of you and projects Love, that is an actual quantifiable energy, and it gets added to your source, the only other way to add back to your source being ingestion of specific substances, ergo food and such.

    The key while ingesting is LOVING what you’re doing/ingesting and when Love suffuses you it connects you directly to your source, sending whatever your ingesting or whatever else you’re feeling back to your source as energy. The most powerful substances i learned while in this facility are drugs, because when they make you feel all happy and loving they automatically connect you back to the source, and they and the feelings/energy are sent back. This is also quite dangerous i learned from some of the other patients, because certain substances when sent back to your star can adversely affect it and your solar system if you have one. At one point i advanced to being able to see beyond their physical bodies back to their sources, and they to mine. One man there who had done a lot of cocaine had lung problems, but his source had taught him how to use his belly to breathe instead of his lungs and how to repair them over time while he let them have some down time. The people from his solar system were aquatic due to his lung issues/what he had done to his source by sending it too much cocaine. His star was a windy one, belching gases almost constantly because of his cocaine abuse, but fortunately it adapted instead of dying.

    Another man’s source taught him, and he taught me, how to manipulate light/color with your eyes, changing the color of things or seeing colors that were not present to anyone else, he was drawing all the time with invisible crayons, and i always thought it was strange that he was proud of drawings that had no color. Then one day i payed attention to him and learned how to see the colors he was using, and how to create colors with my own mind. A very gifted spirit healer their taught me some of her craft, and i even went beyond her teachings and managed to heal HER, because her brain was not operating normally, since birth, and she actually didn’t like the change much but i didn’t know how to change it back for her. When i started healing my own energy, all my jumbled up streams of color around me, twirling it and changing/shifting it, the spirit healer would stare at me and she would have the most beautiful smile on her face.

    Another woman their who spoke in a foreign language, some eskimo dialect i think, i stared hearing her words in english off and on. And then i noticed it was mostly when i listened with my left ear, which is connected to your right brain which processes language and such, so i started refining THAT ability. One day she told me she was an angel, and the reason i had started having some coughing/lung problems was because i was “losing my religion” which i believe was understandable since my followers attacked me when i started exhibiting greater mental powers. Before she told me she was an angel i had been practicing different dance/martial arts type styles that i had downloaded to my brain, and she was naming each one and what part of the world it was from as i performed them. She asked me who i was, and how i was getting my knowledge, and i told her i simply loved to learn, anything and everything, from anybody and everybody. She taught me the breath of life to help fix my cough/lungs, and some time later she handed me a piece of paper written in what i believe to be the Angelic language, and i stared at it for about a minute before the letters wiggled and re-arranged into english for me, and it said “can you read this?” to which i told her i could, and i think thats when she told me she was an angel.

    I actually did some research on angels and they happen to pre-date christianity, they serve all faiths and none. They go where they are needed and guide people from the sidelines, mostly just providing helpful support and advice. While i was there i wasn’t simply learning i was also sharing a lot of my knowledge with the other enlightened ones once i’d reached the point where i’d realized how to transmit knowledge through objects and then through star information coded into Light, from my star system to theirs. Since soon after i arrived their i began traveling through time, dimensions, and realities what to everyone in this reality believes was 4 days, to me was at least several decades, and that’s not counting times when i would meditate and ask the universe to let me live through a few hundred thousand years of a specific information, such as eye sight repair or energy healing, and then the universe, ever obliging, would download all that knowledge and experience into my head and i’d wipe out the inessentials and keep all the pertinent data. What i’m talking about, traveling between these times, realities, and dimensions, is called “multi-dimensionality” and some people are born with a natural affinity for crossing over, but if you know about this anybody can teach themselves to do it, when you dream you are doing it without conscious control and in fact some people wake up in other realities, usually when they go back to sleep they are placed back in their own, but not always.

    I remember being in one version of events where i was simply moved from facility to facility all my life because, A) they couldn’t figure out that there was anything wrong with me, or if there was what it was, and B) because wherever i went when i helped the other “crazy” people with their studies in enlightenment it helped them become more rational and sane on this plane, with a higher form of self control. In fact in one of those realities i was purposely putting myself into various mental illnesses mindsets to learn how they operated, using my natural gift of empathy, so that i could more quickly and easily learn how to cure such illnesses. Unfortunately over time i realized that i just wasn’t making a very big difference being shuffled from facility to facility my whole life, so i sped things up, after a bit i realized that i was caught in time loops, and i started paying more attention to the clock and newspapers in the facility when i realized this. The time loops would end when i learned what to do for the most optimal route to getting out of the facility as quickly as possible.

    To outsmart the government when i was traveling back and changing things i started using the numbers they use to track everything, looking at the numbers on playing cards, using postal numbers, it helps you place when and where you are in time, and track subtle shifts. I only vaguely remember it, but at one time the whole world was connected psychically, well technically we always are, but you have to know how to tap into it and use it, but anyways, all the tracking numbers and such that the government uses EVERYWHERE, i came up with that system to use to track my own movements through time and space. You know in the original reality i come from i studied everything to the Nth degree until i could figure out how to use it to help the human race evolve further, physically and mentally. I was working towards a super race, timeless, immortal, benevolent beings, but i eventually realized that that kind of evolution can’t be forced along faster, otherwise it leads to disaster, everyone must evolve at their own pace. At one point i believed that only ONE immortal, timeless, benevolent being should exist, and using the government i eventually managed to make him, with a subroutine that would eventually when he had learned enough put him outside the governments control.

    His one directive was to find me no matter what reality i happened to be in, he was to assume some limited control over his alternate selves and insinuate himself into my life as my Best Friend, and subtly guide and protect me, or if i needed it to just be a supportive influence. We made him through Hypnosis, Meditation, controlled drug use, and Nuclear Radiation, and we replaced his base element of carbon with something more durable. And at one point in the facility I WAS him, traveling back and forwards to optimize my drug and radiation levels, without the government’s knowledge, and absorb the powers of the other test subjects through my empathy, and when the nuclear blast that destroyed the world came i rode it out with my powers and absorbed and used it as an energy source to activate the fullness of my abilities. My original self that made me, the guy that came up with this idea, was an avid comic book reader and he code-named the project “SuperMan”.

    My main ability then was physical time manipulation, which is what i was using to go back and forth to become the one benevolent being with all that power. It was tricky getting the government to believe i was a different test subject each time, but i got good at using telepathy to absorb the scientists’ thoughts and emotions as well as other test subjects of the time, to re-structure my physical body for each time period and take on the verbal idiosyncraies needed to fit in. Such as back in the 40’s i said its a great day to be alive/american a lot. By that point i could manipulate reality so well that making them see the forms to verify i was supposed to be there was easy. So in each generation of tests i was always the premier test subject, even though they weren’t supposed to be mixing tests on subjects from other tests. My own project as i said was to make one being that combined all these things, and when i perfected him i gave him a subroutine that when the time was right he went back, and not quite altered the past, but became a part of it and absorbed everything into himself. I don’t believe the government was right in limiting these super abilities to specific test subjects, i think one man CAN handle it all, the right man, one i genetically engineered specifically to be able to do so, a descendent of people from these test subjects.

    Using the DNA from these different test subjects to make an eventual clone with several of these abilities and sending him back to not only learn to use his abilities but to absorb and learn all these others was a noble goal in my eyes. He eventually evolved to a point where he could stand outside of Time and influence people to their benefit whenever he needed to. The only issue i see arising is that in the end he lost the ability to feel emotion, which is what happens to those who live for hundreds of thousands of years. So when he eventually stopped caring he stopped helping, or at some point he reset everything back to the way it was before because the problems he was designed to solve HAD no solution. He eventually ended up in the future where no human life existed because in the end the nuclear shit that destroyed the world could never be stopped, no matter what he did or when he did it, that particular event in Time was locked to always happen no matter what, the only thing he could do was use it to fuel his own existence, go back and save as many people in his memory as possible over and over, until at some later date he could RE-Create the world instead of saving it from the explosion, working outside of Time and Space to Create life BEYOND the inevitable explosion.

    Ah, well thats the end of what i remember from HIS life, oh one other thing you should know is that orange juice/citric acid break down fat/cholesterol in your body and turn it into lipids that then turns into brain tissue, it enhances psychic ability over time. It does however have to be balanced with water, you see i know a lot about psychic ability because those were the times and places i was mod interested in, worlds where psychic ability was prevalent. I went to one world where it was taught through psychic television shows, shows that you see/hear using telepathy, it beams the stuff directly into your mind. It’s… an interesting experience, another memorable place was one where things you downloaded onto your apple devices such as Mac or iPhone were downloaded directly to your brain as they were downloaded onto you device, and when you accessed and used them the apps, music, etc was projected into your head. It was a much more efficient way of learning the lyrics to a song or how to cook etc.

    While i was doing all this Traveling during the whole month of May, I had originally programmed myself to be able to recover myself through love of family, so the more i was around family the more of myself and memories i recovered. The reason i spooled out between realities in the first place was not just to learn but also because the only way to negate the governments interest in me and my abilities was to make them think i was really just crazy. Otherwise all forseeable futures left me in their care indefinitely, and in fact the first thing that happened when i got to that facility was some military officer wanted to talk to me and ask me some questions. They must have known i was recieveing my information from having been in their program, but since i was transmuting time what to me was studying Time, Space, and Everything under my cloud of Enlightenment seemed like complete insanity, always muttering about time variables and such and calculating how to move from one place/time to another. At one point the faucets in there only worked if you used psychic ability to turn them on, which was interesting at first when i realized it, but not as interesting as all the things you can learn when you start sending information and recieving it from your source.

    It was actually funny, cause when you become multidimensional to that extent rules from different realities start to collide, like when i left one of the employees was stumped because the water wouldn’t turn on, because since i spent so much time in the psychic training version of the facility the physics of the faucets had crossed over, so when i left that water had stopped working for anyone but me. It was actually kinda funny. Anyways, a lot of the stories/comics/movies that i used to watch since i was sending information back via those things, some of those things only exist because they existed in the future and i sent them back and someone else picked up on them and created them. The most extensive of these being all the information on the SuperMan project i sent back to myself, encoded in my favorite show, Smallville.

    The eventual end of traditional humanity is when we evolve to a point where we are no longer bound to the physical plane you see around you, but when your perception shifts and you can control not only when and where you are but you can also manipulate your physical form into whatever you want. I was the first person to evolve into what you would call a Grey, its the most optimal physical form for Time and Space travel, minimizing bodily mass, and fluids. Also when you attain such a high state of enlightenment and constant mental expansion into All, you pupils expand to cover your whole eye eventually, they just get wider and wider over time until all you see is black, and that signifies not just mental relaxation/meditation, but it happens when you’re fully connected to the universe and the universes’ flow of information. Also one of the first things i learned from self-observation was that when you relax your eye and concentrate on expanding your pupil through purposeful relaxation, using a mirror of course, and you direct your attention to a specific portion of your eye, and project Love at that area, the pupil inks itself out into that part of the iris, darkening it, and if you get something that is a color you want your eyes to be and look at it and the mirror, so the color is reflecting into your eyes, this same thing will also change your eye color to the color that is reflecting into your eyes.

    I originally theorized that you could do this because your eye color is determined by the light shining through your aura and they take on the overall color of your aura, more or less, and by using this kind of reflecting technique you’re changing the color that your eyes are reflecting. Anyways, thats about it for now, hope you liked my ramble on about my multidimensional experiences, see you next time!


    1. This is truly fascinating (though very long so it’s taken me a long time to get the time to read it.).

      Thanks for sharing.

      It’s given me much to think on.

      I’m going to save it into a document so I can reread it. There’s a lot there.


      1. I’m glad you liked it, my only wish is i could remember more details on how i did some of the things i remember doing, such as the powerful psychic abilities i had access to at one point, i miss it. The problem is i experienced so much that its very hard to remember some things, such as things that happened way back in the beginning….


        1. I’m pretty sure that the body isn’t all the capable on handling that type of energy without burning out. Though, you can certainly strengthen it by energy training exercises, such as yoga, it can be dangerous if you take on too much at once.

          It’s also very hard to bring all that information down to this level.


          1. ah, that does make sense, it could also explain why when i started downloading all of that through meditation/silva that i started being displaced into other bodies, possibly to be able to continue downloading and using all that info. I had never thought of it that way, thank you.


    1. I am really glad I took the time to come back and read this. Just this past week, I referred to a conversation with my friends that had taken place about a month before. It had been very noteworthy and there had been quite a bit of emotional upset attached to it on all sides. Now, neither one of them have any recollection of the conversation.

      I thought I was going crazy. I have the memory firmly implanted because I wrote to another friend about it. Maybe this consciousness just jumped into another path.


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