Paranormal experiences series: Shifting timelines or I don’t think I’m in Kansas anymore.

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Now, you might be wondering where is this self-indulgent story going? Bear with me because there is a point to it all, and I’m getting there soon.

I think it was July 20th, 2000. That was the day I died. That moment remained in my mind’s eye and memory for years, even though it didn’t happen. But according to my guides, it did.

What I was told was this was a memory of a stroke I had on the day I was meant to die. I was with the family at JB Hi Fi, and due to major stresses of that day (which would have occurred if I had followed through on my original plans. The actual plans are not relevant for this tale, but suffice to say that they put me in an unwinnable situation, that had been engineered by my ex.)

The stress of events of that day would have caused the stroke, and I would have died there and then, or to be convoluted, I did.

The fact that it was a memory meant that it actually did happen. However, it happened in another timeline, which was similar to the one I was in, but not exactly the same.

Apparently I had chosen to come back, and continue on, but in order to do that, I had to avoid the circumstances which lead to the stroke, which I did by staying home, and my plans for that day never happened, as I decided they were much too dangerous for me. (As it turned out, I was right.)

Apparently, such things happen to us all the time, we just don’t remember it happening.

Put into the entire scheme of things, the point of that death corresponds with irregularities in my memories, such as the Spice Girl’s music video I blogged about before. That happened before this death.

I remember waking up one morning a few months before all this happened and I heard my guides asking me if I still wanted to die? They reminded me that I had a death wish, and I did not wish to be here.

I thought about it, and realized that yes, they were right. The past few years had taken such a toll on my endurance that I no longer wished to be here.

But things had changed, and the situation was now different, so I said, yes, I do wish to stay, and that, apparently was the reason I shifted.

According to my guides, I have died a number of times, and have always chosen to come back. The first time was when I got hit by a car while crossing the road back in 1977. That also fits in with the Wuthering Heights song that never existed, as it was before Kate Bush, but after I heard the original version.

So, every so often, a nexus point (a point where choices are made) would arise where I would die, and then decide to return because I had other things I could do here.

The road changing incident at Hanging Rock was apparently not a death, but a place where realities are blurred, and if you are attuned, you can slip between them to a similar but to a slightly different one.

I do remember thinking on more than one occasion, upon returning from that area, that something felt different or new.

For this reason, I do not fear death. In fact, I have never feared it, but once I started to understand that I could return to any point I wished, and in better health than when I left, I know that I will be here until such times as I’m satisfied that my work is done here.

There is a lot more to say on this subject, and so I will do so in the following blogs.

Next: The attunement to different realities. 


12 responses to “Paranormal experiences series: Shifting timelines or I don’t think I’m in Kansas anymore.”

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  3.  Avatar

    Gary, what you say make a lot of sense to me. I know that most of my traveling to other realities happen when I am a sleep. I go to these realities when it seems there is a big decision to be made in that reality. What I must say is that for the last few months it feels like another reality is closer to me and is happening at the same time and same space as I am now. When I am at home it feels like there is another family or person staying in my home and sometimes I can hear them and my eye will catch a glimps of them. I say them because my instinct tells me it could be more than one person. I sometimes here them being in a conversation. In the beginning it was a very strange feeling but I am getting use to it now. This morning I woke up with the sound of someone humming, I could hear it very loud and clear,it felt like this person was in my bedroom getting ready for work. It feels like I have lost ten years of my life, I have always tease people and say I was a sleep for ten years and then I woke up, physicaly and emotionaly I am ten years younger than my biological age. Do you think it is possible that I came from another reality into this one ten years younger. I am about ten years younger in the one I sometimes visited in my dreams. Is it possible for something like that to happen or that I could have switch places? I haven’t visited any of the other realities again in my dreams since I notice this other reality or I don’t know exactly what to call it in my time frame. You are touching a subject here that is very close to my heart but I don’t understand the workings of it and would love to get more insight into the phenomina.


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Thanks for sharing. Sounds certainly like it’s a shift.

      As I get deeper into this subject, it may get more intense… and I have to think if this is where people want to go …


  4. night owl Avatar
    night owl

    Always fascinating reading.
    Sometimes, when I have regrets about a path not taken, I console myself by imagining/believing that I did take that path, but not in this particular reality.


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Sometimes that path not taken is not taken for a reason.

      I started to follow timelines back in 1994. I had now clue what I was doing, or that it was real, I just started to explore what might have been, and saw the eventual conclusions. They felt like they could have happened, so I’m sure they were potential ones I might have taken.

      As it worked out, what started off as a good thing ended up being a disaster. Being an Empath, I would have taken it much harder back then and probably would have been detrimental to everything. In one time line, I saw myself marry a soul mate, only to completely forego this path, and end up divorced, sick, and dying younger. That is the most vivid one I have.

      Anyway, I ramble. Thanks for your comments.


  5. Aquarian Times Avatar

    Shifting through different versions of reality or possibilities is the most fascinating food for thought. It is quite a coincidence as I was reading Jane Roberts book called unknown realities. In it the entity called Seth was recounting how her husband Robert Butts had died in alternate life times. There are some fairly deep topics in her books which have taken me around 3 years of reading and I am still going. The good thing though is her books back up exactly what you are saying.


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      That is quite interesting.

      Thanks for sharing that. It’s always good to get validation on such things.

      Still more to come on this subject.


  6. Psychic Pharmacy Tech Avatar

    I have moments like this all the time. Roads changing, situations I can recall perfectly and when recounted to a person I remember being there also, and they don’t remember the event at all. This happened the other day and I didn’t even try to convince the person that I remembered it when it was clear they obviously didn’t. Weird huh?


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Certainly sounds like you’ve shifted a lot. I think it happens to us more than we think, especially when you’re on a spiritual path.


      1. Vivek narain Avatar
        Vivek narain

        Hi gary, being an empath myself i can share my experiences. Mostly what happens with me is,spontaneous wish fulfillment, things popping out almost literally. I get timeline shift experience rarely but they are of profound importance nevertheless. Dreams are vivid and many of them are lucid.


        1. Gary Leigh Avatar

          Sounds like you a powerful manifester.


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