Paranormal experiences series: Time is an illusion or but yeah, you’re still late for that meeting.

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Warning: Extreme metaphysical / spiritual information in this entry.  Avoid if not your cup of tea.

Last entry, we discussed how World of Warcraft can be used as a model for time-lines. In this entry, I plan to go into this further.

Free will is a concept that suggests that we may do anything we wish without restriction. (Though that doesn’t mean there are no consequences. Everything you do has an affect who you are and what happens.)

Free will allows us to experience whatever we choose. When we decide on a direction, all is set up on those higher astral levels where our main soul aspect are.

By astral level, I mean a higher (or lower) vibrational level, which may also be on what we term a different dimension. It’s basically, a place where what exists there is not solid to us. However, it is solid to those who are there. The higher the level, the faster and easier you can create something, but the less substance it has. (Which is why the third dimension is ideal for creating things that have real value and substance as it takes a lot more energy to manifest anything.)

On an even higher level, which is extremely high compared to our current one, the souls we are connected to, which you can consider your greater self, has all the knowledge and insight that will ever been needed in order for us to create and experience whatever we choose.

Sounds fantastical? Too many flaws in this premise?

I can’t blame you for thinking that.  Unless you have experienced something along those lines, it’s often very hard to accept it as possible or even fact.

To clarify I am basing my premise on the following assumptions.

  1. Time is an illusion. All things are happening right now.
  2. Which means all realities exist at the same time. The fact there is no time means everything must be happening right now. Only the illusion of time exists.
  3. We are literally all one. By that I mean, there is only one soul, and everything from it is an aspect of it. Hence, there is nothing to plan with anything outside of yourself, because the only person who is doing this is You. The illusion is that we are all separate from everything else. (Though an Empath will argue this isn’t so.)
  4. Nothing is random. Unless you choose it to be. You can experience randomness if you wish, but even that is a choice. For instance, you might say, there is no free will, and then experience that very reality because you have chosen it. Even not making a choice is making a choice.
  5. Separation is an illusion, but is needed in order to experience exactly who we are by being in the presence of what we are not. For instance, if you turn on a flashlight in broad daylight, on a sunny day, you won’t see it’s even on. Turn it on in the dark, and suddenly, you can see what a wonderful thing that light really is. (And in turn, the darkness which allows us to experience that light.)
  6. We have all of eternity to experience everything we wish in any way we want to. Hence, we can keep on coming back again and again, until we are done, and ready to move on to something different and new.

Now, all the above are certainly not my ideas. Such things have been spoken of many, many times. I am just using them in this context of time lines.

But there is something I have felt, that I haven’t come across elsewhere before.

There is a ‘Master You’.

By that I mean, while we experience all realities at the same time, there is one main You where the current focus is. You can see potential time lines, the probabilities, and experiences what could have happened, but didn’t, simply because you didn’t choose them.

It’s as though, you have sent out your Avatars to experience those probabilities conceptually as though you were doing a simulation.

For all intents and purposes, it has happened, but not to the Master You.

But all those Avatars, that have experienced those potential time-lines, return to You, and give you other experiences and insights that you might not have otherwise been able to obtain normally.

You can follow those time lines in your mind, and see what might have been.

For example, I’ve personally followed three potential paths that I could have had at various points in my life. I saw them unfold in my mind’s eye, and eventually saw how they ended.

For the record, they all ended badly. In two of them, I saw myself leaving my life (possibly to try again.)

Some time-lines you may not want to experience at all and you do not have to. It’s all to do with what we choose in the end.

Still, while this addresses one aspect of this subject, it doesn’t explain why we sometimes shift from one line to another.

I will attempt to address this next.

Next: What is attunement and how does it affect us?

16 thoughts on “Paranormal experiences series: Time is an illusion or but yeah, you’re still late for that meeting.

      1. Well I expressed sadness that “other me’s” went through some really bad stuff when I made my choice, another me went the other way to the bad stuff. She was trying to explain that although yes another me goes the other way that, that is just there because it has to be. she couldn’t quite explain properly why I didn’t need to be sad for the other mes.


        1. From what I’m understanding now, it’s like these other timelines and other selves are like place holders for specific possibilities. They all exist here and now, but our consciousness has to experience them linearly so our consciousness chooses a path from the possibilities. But at any time our true consciousness has access to all of them. So by consulting our higher self we can learn from mistakes we chose not to make because in another reality we did make them.


  1. Time as a linear concept is an illusion. Previously a person was 14 summers old, and sometimes summers were longer than others. Sometimes a day can feel like an eternity, sometimes years fly by in what feels like minutes. Things changed once humans invented the mechanised timepiece in medieval times. Really accurate mechanised timepieces weren’t around until the 16th century. Since then, we have been able to say that summer starts on a certain day, at midnight – regardless of the fact that seasons are variable.
    I no longer believe in time – but I am 34 so that might be why! I feel like I am getting younger, and that some years count more than others.


      1. I know – last year I was 21 and this year I’m turning 35! Uncanny! Even stranger – one of my girlfriends has been turning 28 for the last 5 years now!


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