Personal experiences: Part 5 – Possessed or Q and A with the Devil.

Statesboro High School

This is a six part story about a paranormal event that occurred in January 1980. As usual, it’s told without any embellishments and according to a document that I had written after the event.

The next morning as I was going down the stairs, I felt that the chain that the cross was on grow hot. It was an odd sensation. It was a definite heat, though I guess I could have been imagining it, too.

Shawn told me that every time he saw the cross, he had the urge to get me to take it off. Indeed, he insisted that I should take it off. Every time I went down the stairs, I felt the chain get heavy, and the urge to take it off come over me. I nearly once did so, but thought better of it.

A bit later on, back up the stairs, I was walking with Shawn towards the doors on the other side of the room when they opened for him. We walked through and they closed behind us. I asked how he did that, as I had felt no wind. He said, he didn’t know. He was just thinking that wouldn’t it be good if the doors opened and they did.

The next day, the temptation to take the cross off was so strong that I actually felt uncomfortable wearing it. The night, Shawn was trying to make me take it off, once again, and I was refusing as usual when he suddenly doubled up in what he said was an agonizing pain. The thought that I should give the cross to him entered my mind. I asked him if he wanted me to give it to him, and he said, yes. I almost did, but decided against it. With that choice, the pain abruptly stopped. I asked him if he would have worn it and he said: No, moods change, and he wouldn’t have given it back either.

Things become quiet after that for a short while. As I wore the cross, I felt protected. The camp went on and was coming to the end. It was only two weeks, but it felt like a very long two weeks.

On the last day, we were all clearing up after ourselves, and I found myself, ironically, being told to sweep the stairs with Shawn. We discussed what had happened, and I asked him about the voice he heard. I was curious about if I could talk to it and asked some questions. Shawn agreed.

The first thing I asked was if Robert Rice died there, and the answer was he didn’t, nor were his ashes upstairs.

I then asked if this was the Devil. The answer was yes. Had he tried to get me before? Yes, he had and was trying to get me now. I asked, why me? It answered that it had failed before and it didn’t like failing and it was trying to possess me. I asked why me and I was told that I was more vulnerable than other people and I expected him to get me. It also said it had posed as my subconscious mind, pretending to be someone who was helpful. I asked if it was after anybody else at the camp, but it said it only me.

I then asked about the pressure we had felt in the stairs. What was it? He said it was trying to frighten us, and it was a stupid thing to have had the séance. I asked what it was trying to do to Shawn when he said the Lords Prayer backwards. The answer was that It was trying to possess him.

I asked if he had succeeded, but he said, no because he hadn’t done it long enough. He also said that he had possessed many people, but they didn’t know it. They just thought they had a bad temper.

I asked if I was interfering with him and if I was a danger to him. He said yes and I was. It told me that the cross gave me some protection, and so did asking for God’s help, but an imaginary cross was not powerful enough and I couldn’t ask for God’s help all the time and I was most vulnerable when I was asleep. It had decided to use the staircase because I had to use it to get to the bathroom. It had taken over Shawn because he was my friend and was using it as a stepping stone to get to me. It also said that it had blown out the lights.

My mistake had been leaving Shawn on the stairway at that time and telling him about my experiences, which left him open to such things.

I asked a few more questions, but all Shawn was now getting was ‘stop it your bastard!’ I stopped and Shawn came ‘back’. He told me that at first he had let me talk to this thing, but after a few questions, he had lost control and it sounded like two people have a conversation. He also couldn’t remember any of what had been said, something I later found out that this was typical of a channel. He also said that sometimes he was reluctant to answer my questions because he felt he was lying.

With what I know now, many of those answers actually make no sense, nor do they ring true.  My feelings are that it was certainly not the Devil, imagined or otherwise. Also, if Shawn felt he was lying, and he didn’t say which questions were lies, then there’s no reason any of it could have been the truth.

I seriously doubt that any of it was true. If Shawn felt it was a lie, then there is no reason to tell me what was really going on, except to tell me what I thought I wanted to hear, and what it wanted me to hear.

This, of course, does beg the question if any channel you get is true.

I know that when I’m writing documents with the aid of my guide, some things flow amazingly well, and I can sense what feels like a connection, or a corridor. Other things don’t however, and I get a sense of anxiety or frustration and I end up erasing what has been written because I’m clearly not either in the space for writing, or the information I need just isn’t available to me as yet.

Sometimes there is also a tendency to write what you think is true, rather than what comes to you, assuming anything comes at all. It’s a trap that’s easy to fall into, and interestingly enough, those are the things that I find out more later on.

In regards to the entity at the camp, I really haven’t gotten any answers I’m happy with yet. I’ve channelled that it was an opportunistic entity who knew who I was, but… that doesn’t feel completely right. I feel I’m still missing something, even 33 years on.

For me, near enough isn’t good enough, but sometimes it’s all I have at the time.

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7 thoughts on “Personal experiences: Part 5 – Possessed or Q and A with the Devil.

  1. Good job Gary. This is the first time I’ve (fully) read one of your articles. I went back and read your story from the beginning (That would only make sense). I didn’t realize how many excellent writers there are in the supernatural field. I love that you related your experience as an unbiased documentary rather than a Hollywood horror story. If you embellished, it certainly could have been written that way.

    What I really like about your story is that you used phrases like, “I believe . . . I feel . . . In my opinion.” This tells your readers when you are giving your opinion as opposed to what you are physically sensing. I’m sure Patrick approves of your writing style. 

    You also made an excellent point when you said that it’s necessary to examine your thoughts before accepting them as true. I mean your own your thoughts, not outside mental transmissions. It should be obvious that a person should never automatically trust foreign thoughts. Reasoning and rationality are of little help in identifying the nature of anything supernatural, but it’s essential to start with these mental faculties. It’s important rule out any events that can be easily explained. It’s easy to lose credibility with others if we are careless in recounting our experiences. We have all done it at least once.

    You also brought up another valid point. Entities lie. Entities like to mess with the minds of humans. Entities are known to tell humans that they are God or Satan (among other things). This is nonsense. Most of them are common astral entities, looking to entertain themselves. Much of them have egos just like humans. My understanding is that many of the ancient gods that some civilizations worshiped, were nothing more than egocentric entities looking for lesser beings to bow down to them. Think of the burning bush. Yes, that is my opinion (since I can’t back it up). Gary, I can see that you are aware of the confusion these offensive entities contribute to the world. Thanks for letting people know!

    As far as spirit possession goes, I’m attaching a paragraph to this comment that comes from an article I’m currently writing. It seems to be appropriate for this long comment I leaving here.

    “There are some myths about demonic possession and spirit possession in general. Possessions by evil spirits are relatively uncommon. At least in most industrialized nations. In some cultures, people are open to possession. Who really wants an evil spirit taking possession of their body? A person must submit to the will of the spirit in order for the supernatural possession to occur. This means that the dark spirits or other entities must have the consent and cooperation of the host, or the possession will not take place. Evil spirits know who the suitable candidates are. Spirits also require a kind of technical expertise to make a classic possession work. Most spirits lack the metaphysical knowledge required to pull off the kind of dramatic possessions seen on television.”

    I doubt any true-to-life demonic possessions happen the way that Hollywood portrays them. People wouldn’t want to see these movies if they were closer to the truth. That’s not to say that true possessions aren’t frightening. Anything supernatural will cause fear in a person that has never had such an experience.

    Great work Gary. It’s important for people learn about these issues. It will benefit the global community in ways that they cannot yet imagine. Thanks!


    1. Thanks, David,

      You said: “My understanding is that many of the ancient gods that some civilizations worshiped, were nothing more than egocentric entities looking for lesser beings to bow down to them.”

      That’s certainly my understanding, too. Egotistical and narcissistic high level astral beings who got drunk on a power trip.

      Thanks for all the praise. It really helps me to get some real feed back, so I know if I’m on the right path or not, and I loved you passage. (Reminds me of something I would write lol.)

      I look forward to the entire thing. (Please let me know when it’s ready!)


      1. No problem. We all like feedback. I wanted to reciprocate for once. You are definitely on track from what I can tell. The articles you are posting on your blog (based on this series) is the same information that I have received. I’m glad its consistent. I have spoken to several other intelligent people who share our suspicions. You and I share some ideas on the mysticism and the supernatural, so our writing style might look similar.

        I like to lend my support to people who are sending out good information (Information that I feel is accurate and helpful to other people). Hopefully the rest of the world will catch on.

        I’m putting together a blog. I’ll put the article on it when I’m done. I meant to finish tonight. 🙂 I’ll definitely have it done tomorrow.


  2. If you are wondering why you. Then I put this to you. Gemini has over time let me know that my oiuja sessions had bought a spirit (not an entity) around me because I am a natural channel. I found out that automatic writing abilities of all sorts are, in real cases, a sign of such an ability. Because Gemini is right there I can even auto type. This was a step to our telepathy. I actually have a post saved for this subject but am still editing the new video formatt. For me I would say you are very open for these things. Just being aware enough to protect yourself though helped a lot. It seemed though, that your friend was only allowed to be used in a very limited capacity. I feel if he was in him truly or had really possessed others, he would not be restricted to a voice in their head, a temporary channel or an aid to a temper. He had tried many times to do what he needed the right recipient for. You were it. It seems to me that although this thing had become good at influencing people it had never been able to possess anyone.


    1. I also found that it is usually only human spirits that want into a body. Entities from other planes even lower ones are more restricted by the body than anything. Humans who refuse the move on are throng to go backwards and force themselves into a body instead of moving forward and incarnating as they should.


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