Soul mates – Introduction or if we’re all one, then how come I feel separate?

What is a soul mate?

You hear the term bandied around a lot, especially when people meet and fall in love.

They are each other’s soul mate and it will last forever.

Except it doesn’t.

Ever wondered why that is? Ever thought, well, if they are soul mates, how come they now hate each other?

I’m going to look at my understanding of what soul mates are, the different types, and why they may not always be a good thing to be with.

From what I understand, there are three types of soul mates. (There may be more, however I’ll focus on what I know.)

  • The Romantic Soul Mate
  • The Twin Soul Mate
  • The Family Soul Mate

Before we start, let’s look at what the soul is.

If you believe in a soul, then we can define it as that essence that gives life to a body. It’s the ‘you’ that houses the body.

Generally, it is said that we are all one, and all is contained within that oneness. That means that there is only one soul and everything that exists is a part of that soul.

We are all aspects of that one soul. The illusion is that we are all individual and separate from each other.

That’s how it should be so we can experience ourselves in relationship to all the other parts so we can know who we are in the presence of what we are not.

If that sounds complex, just remember that light can only know itself when there is dark around it.

(Also, if you accept the we are all one idea, and then everyone is just you in another form, even those you dislike.)

In this series, I’m going to take a look at soul mates and why things are not always what they appear to be.

Though soul mates sounds like a very romantic thing to experience, and what everyone is looking for, the reality may be a little different.

Next: The romantic soul-mate.

6 thoughts on “Soul mates – Introduction or if we’re all one, then how come I feel separate?

  1. This sounds like a great article series. I have a thought on this. Oftentimes, past-life personalities become active in a person’s life and inappropriately causes trouble. Past-life personalities can have trouble distinguishing between life-times. This can be confusing for everyone. People who come into these situations are typically not aware of what is happening. It’s important to know that a reincarnated soul is a new personality. This person is not the past-life personality we are angry with. I’m finishing an article on my own experience with my rebellious past-life personality. It describes how these beings can stir up trouble for their reincarnated spirit.


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