Soul mates – Twin souls or the other half of me

Twin Souls

Many of us have heard of the twin soul and many more are in search of theirs.

But what exactly is a twin soul? It is said to be the other half of your soul aspect. Whereas you’ve incarnated as a male or female (or maybe both or neither!) the other half is the other part of who you are.

As a general rule, and from my observations, it’s actually very rare for both soul aspects to be born at the same time.

However, it wouldn’t be unusual to mistake a soul mate as a twin soul.

In theory, finding the other half of your soul essence sounds like a wonderful thing to happen to you. It would make you feel complete and you would be in harmony with the other person’s ideas and desires.

That’s the fantasy.

The reality is a little different, though.

Should you come across your literal other half, it will feel like two magnets pulling each other together. There will most likely be sexual energy on a very intense level, and it will be very hard to resist, even if you’re already in a relationship.

Now, I can’t speak for others of course, but I can speak for myself, and the experiences I’ve had in regards to this.

I don’t normally share this story, but I figured what the hey:  I’m trying to illustrate a point here.

My twin soul hasn’t actually incarnated at this time that I’m aware of, but it would seem that she has been using Avatars:  That is, women who carry her energies.

I first noticed this around the year 2000, where I met someone, who happened to be local and felt this crazy energy connection with her.  On top of that, she looked amazing and was irresistibly beautiful.  Being married at the time, she was very hard to resist, but I can claim to have resisted.  Interesting enough, someone had told her that we had been brother and sister in a past life. In any case, I stopped seeing her as a friend, and we drifted apart.

The same thing occurred a couple of years later, where this lady I knew online made the same energetic connections with me. It didn’t matter that she was in a different country, the pull was just as strong, and was just as hard to resist.  Also, the same intense physical attraction was there, too.

At the time, she claimed she loved me so much that it hurt, but as I still married (in spite of my relationship being on the outs by then) I didn’t feel it was right to do anything.

What was interesting about this case, though, was soon after, she told me that what was causing her intense feeling was that an insane spirit that loved me had attached herself to her, and using her to get to me.  With the help of one of her psychic friends, she had managed to remove it, and the feeling left her.

I shrugged, thought nothing of it, and carried on.  We did try to see if there was a chance for a relationship after I separated, but it didn’t work out as she become almost psychotic in nature and seemed to drain my energies.

Then a year later, another lady appeared who I was drawn to in the same way. Except she was in a relationship she felt she had to deal with, and said she couldn’t talk to me because a connection formed that her partner would feel and call her on.

She was adamant, though, she had been my sister in a past life and we had children together.

The same type of thing happened three more times, and curiously enough, it was right after I met my current partner. Same pull, same attraction, same energies

I thought to myself, okay, I’m not that good looking and this is too good to be true. Something is clearly going on here.

However, it wasn’t until 2012 that I finally understood what.

Next: What was going on.

20 thoughts on “Soul mates – Twin souls or the other half of me

  1. The part about using avatars was such a kablamo moment! Cleared up many things for me….phew!

    A mega-sized thank you, Gary, for writing the soul series (incl. the one on soul calls) and for the e-book (just started reading it). Btw, am still using and loving the BFRs.
    😀 Radhika


  2. Very interesting post and take on the whole soul mates and destiny outlook. I’ve personally always felt that soul mates are nothing more than people we were with in the past (so our souls already know how to connect, AND we most likely have more than one soul mate out there as a result).

    This post has my creative brain interested. I might just use the essential lesson taught here in my fiction some day. Soul mate =/= perfect mate.


      1. I went and added it as a possible plot point for the novel I’m writing notes and outlining as a side project right now (plan to start writing it for Nanowrimo). Other than a very negative muse/spirit, I haven’t decided exactly who the antagonist is, so the point you expressed in this story might come into play there.

        In short, I might be using it as soon as that (it’s called “Earthbound” right now).

        I’ll let you know more as I make progress if you like.

        Thanks for the inspiration 🙂


        1. Yes, please do. Sounds like it would be very interesting. Do you plan to have it published?

          Right now, I’m trying to work out how to get my own stuff published. It’s harder than you would think. 🙂


          1. I would like to publish it, yes. However, if traditional publishing drives me too batty I’ll probably just indie publish it…assuming I don’t just go indie straight away.

            And yeah, I’ve been working the publishing circuit with shorts off and on for years. I get compliments on the few short stories I sent out, but, ultimately, “they don’t really fit with us” and I’m invited to send a story more in line with their publication.

            The fact that I have to wait 6 mos to a year for traditional publications to get back to me, with months for trying to flag agents too…just not sure, it all really depends on my gut feelings when I’m all done and ready to release the stories out in the world.



  3. in accordance to past lives besides egyptian and asian dynasty I have never had the desire to be a high nobleman. in fact I have usually worked for high leaders but never been one. It’s always been a turn off to me to be as such a person. It was always surprising to me that when I read stories of ann boylen and such I feel connected to be a ladies in waiting to them. I understand my pattern. But i guess it’s just my experience.


  4. I have a soul mate or twin soul, that I am sure of. We have had a physical attraction in the past and dated for a few months. We stopped seeing each other due to differences and issues we had but i knew and so did he That there something more there than just love. We lost touch with each other for 20 something years, then out the blue, I got an email from him. My heart skipped a beat, I too was married and still am. We have been talking to each other, on line for 6 years now and we both know that some day, we will be brought back into each others arms, when the time is right. The connection is so strong, it hurts an pulls on both of us. it has been very hard to not run to him, but Family is big commitment. i understand exactly what you are feeling.


  5. The lady who helped me through my initial confusion with Gemini was in contact with, and guided by her twin flame. I believe they met each other physically but he soon past on. I apparently chose before incarnating not to spend this life time with my twin flame and have married a soul mate. I met my twin flame and never forgot him but no matter how much I wanted to be with him I couldn’t allow my self for some reason. I think that no matter where we are in relation to each other twin souls always find each other.


      1. I have two friends close friends whom I believe are each others twin flames. There connection made no sense to me except last week. They are both women and are very close to each other. They are in the same profession and going through the same spiritual growth. It’s rather interesting to see. Some people have even thought they are dating but are not


  6. That’s interesting. I have had connections in the past with men who I have thought were simply wonderful, and I felt that we had an incredible connection. I did not really discuss this with these people, but after awhile they turned out to be arseholes and I ended up losing contact with them or making a deliberate decision to not go near them any more. After reading your post I would love to know if we had been together/related in a past life!

    And on the topic of past lives, whenever I’ve had readings done, the clairvoyants always tell me I was a prince, a princess, a noble, a person of high standing etc in all my past lives. Never had I been a slave, a beggar, a pauper…. is this possible or are the clairvoyants just pulling my chain? I thought that one could be anything and anyone in a past life and did not necessarily stick to a certain social standing, so to speak.


    1. Yes, it is rather curious how they tend to tell you that your status was high.

      Generally, though, you can be assured that we have been all of it at some point in time. It’s just the desire to experience it all.

      It’s also interesting that few ever are told they were the infamous people from history.

      Personally, unless the psychic can tell you something that is accurate to you, but not a high chance probability hit (such as you’ve had family trauma or problems with your partner) then I would take them with a grain of salt.

      Sometimes I can see what someone was in a past life by looking at their photos and energies. However, those are only people I knew and have remembered on some level. Some, I have no clue.


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