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People say I’m highly sensitive, but am I an Empath?

empath122One of the most common things I see, when people e-mail me for advice is: Am I really an Empath?

They have looked at all the signs and can relate too many of them. They don’t always fit all the traits of an Empath. There are very few who do. However, they certainly fit many of the major ones, including being told that they are just too over sensitive or highly emotional.

HSP or Highly Sensitive Person is a signature trait of being an Empath.  It means that you react with a heightened sense to everything that is going on around you.

If something bad happens, your reaction will seem to be over the top to others.

It might be something along the lines of having a bad day at work. You believe you’ve made an error and now you feel very guilty about it.

Maybe someone reacted in a way to something you said or did that you didn’t think was positive and you feel bad or even guilty about how you made them feel.

Perhaps a partner or a friend is having a hard time and you can’t enjoy yourself around them because they don’t feel happy. You feel obliged to make yourself miserable so you can empathise with them.

You might even be cautious or afraid to let others know your true feelings because you don’t want to come across as uncaring or indifferent. You will make yourself feel unhappy because that seems to be your best option.

The Empath will feel obligated in some sense to react in a way that allows others to see that they are not alone and they have support.

This is generally unhealthy for all parties concerned because it simply feeds the negative energy rather than healing or helping anything.

As I said, it’s common for an Empath to be highly sensitive.  They take on the pain and discomfort of others around them, no matter if it’s human or animal or even plant.

Generally, if you ask yourself if you’re really an Empath, the very act of asking is a good indicator that you are. Non empathic people won’t ask and won’t even care. They will dismiss it out of hand.

Chances are high that if you ask the question, you are an Empath.


Empath Guidebook – Now fully edited.

Empath cover version 1Just a quick note.

The Empath Guidebook (my free e-book) has been fully edited by the amazing Julianne Victoria.

My heartfelt thanks for doing what is a tedious and meticulous job.  I’m sure those who read the edit version will certainly thank you, too!

It’s rare to find someone so selflessly giving of their abilities and time.

I really do recommend visiting her sites (all listed below). There is a lot to this lady and she has a lot to share.

Through the Peacock’s Eyes, Insights for Spiritual Living

On the Streets of San Francisco, Photography



Haiku By Ku, A Poetic Pup’s Poem

Swami Zoe’s Yoga and Zen

Thank you for the gift you have given to the Empath Community.

This guidebook is ever evolving, so from time to time, there should be some major updates. Watch this space.

Empath Series: Support networks or where can I go to find others like me?

empath logo short

One of the most difficult things about being an empath is the feeling of isolation and loneliness.

Most people you tell may not understand.

They may either think you’re crazy, dismiss you as a freak or look at your blankly, wondering what the heck you’re talking about. Some will even denounce you as working with the devil. For some bizarre reason, this natural state of being seems to be an abomination and sin in some cultures and religions. (And you could do a series of topics on this, but I’m not going to get into it today.)

Worse still is the feeling and doubt that you, yourself, might really be crazy.

A support network is something that could help a lot. Though, the web has a few groups that cater for other empaths, they are not always active and some of the people are not even empaths. I certainly think the time has come to start such a network.

One day, I imagine a worldwide empath support network with charters in every country. We’re not there yet, but I believe it will happen.

This blog is dedicated to the free sharing of information of being an empath and subjects in all their forms.

Some topics you will like and relate to. Some you won’t. That’s just the nature of blogs.

Also there are various chat rooms that are geared towards the psychic side where you will find other empaths.

The good thing about being an empath is that distance doesn’t make any difference. You can be on the other side of the world and your connection will be just as strong. So a support group is much easier to create than you might first think.

For now, I’m going to share some of the resources I’ve come across in recent times, but please, if you know more, feel free to add them in the comments. (And I will try and include them in this post.)

You can help by sharing this information, including this blog.

Websites, groups and forums

http://www.psi-zone.net (my personal website).
http://empathsupport.com (Empath Community website)
https://groups.google.com/group/empath (The Empath support group.)


http://NetherrealmInvestigations.wordpress.com (Covering similar topics)

Other works
Book of storms Empath 101 http://mysilentecho.com/dreamtongue1.htm
The Empath Toolkit http://www.empathconnection.com/

Chat rooms
Empath and Spiritual Support Chat Room

Empath Series – Psychic attacks. Even more types or now I know what those levels mean.

Psychic attackTypes of psychic attacks – Part 2

Continuing on from part one, these are the rest of the types of attacks you may experience, especially as an Empath or Light-worker. 

Psychic attacks come in many forms and many ways. While not everything is an attack, it’s worth bearing in mind that if you are feeling depressed, drained, and all joy has been removed from your being that it might well be the reason why you feel this way.

  • Circumstantial Timing attack. (High level)

Events happen that seem contrived and unlikely to occur at the point of time. Murphy’s Law sums it up with: If anything can go wrong, it will at the worst possible time.

However, some things that go wrong are things that aren’t even connected to you, but circumstances make it so.

This occurs when you are trying to focus on something which is very important, or when you’ve got a dead line to meet.

As mentioned, I was under severe psychic attack for the most part of my first 40 years, and towards the end, I was doing everything I could to discover the source and end them. I noticed that every time I spoke to someone who could help me (generally online), things would happen which would demand my immediate attention. I would deal with the issue, and something else would immediately turn up. They were things that weren’t my responsibility; however they were thrown into my lap.

Resolving those attacks eventually led to a final show down, which included seven other people helping me.

Circumstantial timing attacks are not only very frustration, but are also high stress and high pressure.

  • Balking attack (Medium level)

Stops certain things, events from happening or people from doing things. This may be an agreement you’ve made that you need to be carried out or something that will impact negatively upon you.

One recent example that came to mind was in 2012, when I was moving in with my partner. We found the perfect house, in the perfect location, and with great landlords, who were going to be away for two years, which was the exact amount of time we were looking at for leasing.

My partner said: This is our house the moment she saw it, and it all fell into place. Then, at the last moment, the circumstances changed, and suddenly the land lord was only going to be away for six months.

My partner, to this day, is adamant that someone pulled some serious strings to screw this up for us. I happen to agree.

  • Direct attack (Medium level)

A physical manifestation of some kind such as noises or things disappearing or moving. I don’t experience those ones all that much, but they are used to either spook or freak out people. Normally used by entities. As it takes a lot to scare me, I rarely experience them. (Though, remember, objects disappearing can be also attributed to shifting timelines.)

  • Residue attacks (Low level) 

These are like psychic time bombs. The attacker leaves elemental though-forms will affect people who are in its immediate presence. Often a sensitive can detect it as a tingling or an uncomfortable feeling. It may keep people away or even put them into a bad mood for no apparent reason.

  • Planting seeds of doubt (low level)

This is a very common attack. In fact, I’d say one of the most common as many are subject to it. They feel or hear voices in their head that are depressingly seductive and negative, often trying to convince the subject that they are a bad person and the world would be better off without them.

It is possible that more than one method might be used and that you could be attacked on all levels at once.

Still unsure what the low, medium and high meant, I decided to ask my guide.

Details noted below:

What are the levels? What do they mean?

You there?

Yes, what do you mean?

I mean the psychic attacks. They say low level, medium level and high level. What does that mean?

They refer to the energy involved in making the attacks occur. Some take more energy and time than others. High level indicates a lot of energy while low level indicates that a minimum of energy is required.

So they don’t have anything to do with astral levels?

No. Astral levels simply are places where they come from. Also, the higher an attack, the more expertise needed to make it happen. While low level might be deceptive in the way it’s named, it is still considered the basic attack which can be done by most.

Now we know the basics of those types of attacks, though no doubt there are more types. We’ll be looking at how to deal with them for the next entries.

Next: Details on my own recent psychic attacks. 

Empath Series: Reading people or I know you better than you know yourself.

English: Image:Villianc.svg (Vector version of J.J.'s Villian cartoon character) with a transparent background. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the more useful abilities of being an Empath that I’ve found over the years is the ability to read people.

Now, this is a skill everyone has to some degree, and this can be seen in movies that have been well casted. You can immediately tell the type of person, and their personality, on sight. You know if they are a villian, the hero or someone who is sleazy.

Empaths can often take it a step further in real life, as they can see, not only the type of person they are dealing with, but how that person is likely to react, and if they are dangerous or not.

The Face

For instance, just by looking at a face, you can normally tell someone’s history, their personality, and their disposition. If they have suffered trauma, what their mood is, and so on.

There are books dedicated to how to read faces, but I never felt a draw to them and over time, I started to become more in tune and sensitive to what a face was telling me.

The Voice

A person’s voice also reveals a lot about someone. I know that when I pick up a phone at work, the moment the person speaks, I know if they are going to be demanding, friendly, difficult or clueless.  Rarely I’m disappointed in what I am picking up, and can pre-empt a lot of issues by adjusting accordingly.

It’s generally in the tone, the pitch, the forcefulness, and the words which gives it all away. It’s not what they say, it’s in the voice they are using that reveals it all.

The Name

Even a person’s name will tell you a lot about their character. It is possible to pick up the vibration of names and sense the energy behind it. Names are very important, and you can change your personality by changing your name. People will also react differently to you, depending on what name you decide to go by.

I found these  abilities developed naturally as I got older and gained life experience. There are nuances you come to recognize, and certain patterns that occur time and time again.

While I’m sure that anyone with experience can read people, I believe that there are levels that Empaths pick up that the average person does not.

The problem with most people is that they ignore this information. They dismiss it, figuring that they must be wrong, or if others can’t see  it, then they are just imagining it.

Personally, I have felt frustrated time and time again because no one listens to me, or says, hey, you can’t say that without knowing someone. And yet, I’m rarely wrong.

When someone asks me for help, I often ask for a current photo as that tells me a lot, and a sensitive person will also see the energies connected to the person at the moment. And they will also see when the energies change. For instance, if someone is under attack, there will be a greyness around the face, but if it clears, the greyness will also go.

If you have the ability to read others, and you know you have it, listen to what you get. Trust in it. It could even save your life and a lot of distress one day.

Best description of depression… or is it the best description of an depressed Empath?

I’ve seen the below link a number of times touted as the best description of depression.

What immediately struck me was it was a very good description of an Empath (a depressed one.)

Well worth a look.


Empath Series: What is a Soul Call (part 5) or does this count as a love spell?

Melbourne's CBD from Docklands at twilight

We’ve discussed how Soul Calls are a call for help to the universe, and how they may be answered, and I thought it would be worth discussing what they are not, and what they can’t be used for.

Someone once asked me if they could be used to draw a person to you, or to make someone fall in love you.

The short answer is, no.

The long answer is, when a Soul Call goes out, you are asking for help to your problem. The one who responds is generally the most qualified person to help.

More often than not, this might be someone you don’t expect, or someone you have not even met yet.

When they come into your life, you may even be resistant to them because you are looking for something else.

However, you wouldn’t contract a plumber to fix your electrical fixtures.  The same holds true for soul calls.

To use them as a tool to try and manipulate others simply does not work, and why would you want to do so in any case? Would you really want to make someone fall in love with you and act in a way that is not in keeping with their own soul?

Having said all that, you can actually call for someone who is right for you if you are after a relationship. It may not be the person you desire (and more often than not, the one you want right now may not be best for you on a long term basis) but they will come.

Also, it’s important to be aware that sometimes you will need to go through, and experience things that will make you ready for this person. This may take more time than you might like or expect, but what you will learn, and gain, will be very important for the longevity of your relationship. Timing is everything.

And even if you are ready, the partner may not appear right away, either.

To illustrate this point, I’ll share one of my own experiences.

My first marriage was a soul call, and while I already foresaw that it would end before it even began, I also knew that in order for me to get to where I am now, I had to follow my feelings and trust that it would work out as it was meant to.

I learned a lot from it, gained a lot, and when the time came, we went our separate ways because we had diverged so much from the paths we started on.

I gave myself a long time to be alone, enjoy my own company, and just do the things I wanted without feeling the pull of others around me.

Six or so years later, I felt I was ready for another relationship and I sent out a call saying that I was ready, come and find me. At the time, I had quite a few potential women who were interested in me, but none of them felt right, so I didn’t encourage anything.

I then felt I needed to create an eHarmony (Online matchmaking service)  account, and I joined for 3 months, but had no draws to anyone. I did meet one or two, and they showed interest, but I knew they were not for me.

Then after six months, I felt a strong pull to reactivate my membership. I waited until there was a special on (which saved me a lot of money) and re-joined.

I knew I was looking for something, but wasn’t sure what. I went through about 400 profiles until I hit one that just drew me.  I went through the contact procedure, and when she answered back, I felt right away that I had found who I was looking for.

Today she is my partner, but the thing I wanted to point out here is that there was a reason it took six months to meet her.

When I sent out the Soul Call, she was in another country.  She was considering what she wanted to do next in her career path when this offer from Australia came up and the offer she really wanted to follow fell through.

So she ended up in Melbourne, Australia. The timing of meeting was just right.

When you send out a Soul Call, it will be answered, and it will be the right answer. You just have to trust the process.