Empath Series – Psychic attacks. Even more types or now I know what those levels mean.

Psychic attackTypes of psychic attacks – Part 2

Continuing on from part one, these are the rest of the types of attacks you may experience, especially as an Empath or Light-worker. 

Psychic attacks come in many forms and many ways. While not everything is an attack, it’s worth bearing in mind that if you are feeling depressed, drained, and all joy has been removed from your being that it might well be the reason why you feel this way.

  • Circumstantial Timing attack. (High level)

Events happen that seem contrived and unlikely to occur at the point of time. Murphy’s Law sums it up with: If anything can go wrong, it will at the worst possible time.

However, some things that go wrong are things that aren’t even connected to you, but circumstances make it so.

This occurs when you are trying to focus on something which is very important, or when you’ve got a dead line to meet.

As mentioned, I was under severe psychic attack for the most part of my first 40 years, and towards the end, I was doing everything I could to discover the source and end them. I noticed that every time I spoke to someone who could help me (generally online), things would happen which would demand my immediate attention. I would deal with the issue, and something else would immediately turn up. They were things that weren’t my responsibility; however they were thrown into my lap.

Resolving those attacks eventually led to a final show down, which included seven other people helping me.

Circumstantial timing attacks are not only very frustration, but are also high stress and high pressure.

  • Balking attack (Medium level)

Stops certain things, events from happening or people from doing things. This may be an agreement you’ve made that you need to be carried out or something that will impact negatively upon you.

One recent example that came to mind was in 2012, when I was moving in with my partner. We found the perfect house, in the perfect location, and with great landlords, who were going to be away for two years, which was the exact amount of time we were looking at for leasing.

My partner said: This is our house the moment she saw it, and it all fell into place. Then, at the last moment, the circumstances changed, and suddenly the land lord was only going to be away for six months.

My partner, to this day, is adamant that someone pulled some serious strings to screw this up for us. I happen to agree.

  • Direct attack (Medium level)

A physical manifestation of some kind such as noises or things disappearing or moving. I don’t experience those ones all that much, but they are used to either spook or freak out people. Normally used by entities. As it takes a lot to scare me, I rarely experience them. (Though, remember, objects disappearing can be also attributed to shifting timelines.)

  • Residue attacks (Low level) 

These are like psychic time bombs. The attacker leaves elemental though-forms will affect people who are in its immediate presence. Often a sensitive can detect it as a tingling or an uncomfortable feeling. It may keep people away or even put them into a bad mood for no apparent reason.

  • Planting seeds of doubt (low level)

This is a very common attack. In fact, I’d say one of the most common as many are subject to it. They feel or hear voices in their head that are depressingly seductive and negative, often trying to convince the subject that they are a bad person and the world would be better off without them.

It is possible that more than one method might be used and that you could be attacked on all levels at once.

Still unsure what the low, medium and high meant, I decided to ask my guide.

Details noted below:

What are the levels? What do they mean?

You there?

Yes, what do you mean?

I mean the psychic attacks. They say low level, medium level and high level. What does that mean?

They refer to the energy involved in making the attacks occur. Some take more energy and time than others. High level indicates a lot of energy while low level indicates that a minimum of energy is required.

So they don’t have anything to do with astral levels?

No. Astral levels simply are places where they come from. Also, the higher an attack, the more expertise needed to make it happen. While low level might be deceptive in the way it’s named, it is still considered the basic attack which can be done by most.

Now we know the basics of those types of attacks, though no doubt there are more types. We’ll be looking at how to deal with them for the next entries.

Next: Details on my own recent psychic attacks. 

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