Empath Series: What is a Soul Call (part 5) or does this count as a love spell?

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We’ve discussed how Soul Calls are a call for help to the universe, and how they may be answered, and I thought it would be worth discussing what they are not, and what they can’t be used for.

Someone once asked me if they could be used to draw a person to you, or to make someone fall in love you.

The short answer is, no.

The long answer is, when a Soul Call goes out, you are asking for help to your problem. The one who responds is generally the most qualified person to help.

More often than not, this might be someone you don’t expect, or someone you have not even met yet.

When they come into your life, you may even be resistant to them because you are looking for something else.

However, you wouldn’t contract a plumber to fix your electrical fixtures.  The same holds true for soul calls.

To use them as a tool to try and manipulate others simply does not work, and why would you want to do so in any case? Would you really want to make someone fall in love with you and act in a way that is not in keeping with their own soul?

Having said all that, you can actually call for someone who is right for you if you are after a relationship. It may not be the person you desire (and more often than not, the one you want right now may not be best for you on a long term basis) but they will come.

Also, it’s important to be aware that sometimes you will need to go through, and experience things that will make you ready for this person. This may take more time than you might like or expect, but what you will learn, and gain, will be very important for the longevity of your relationship. Timing is everything.

And even if you are ready, the partner may not appear right away, either.

To illustrate this point, I’ll share one of my own experiences.

My first marriage was a soul call, and while I already foresaw that it would end before it even began, I also knew that in order for me to get to where I am now, I had to follow my feelings and trust that it would work out as it was meant to.

I learned a lot from it, gained a lot, and when the time came, we went our separate ways because we had diverged so much from the paths we started on.

I gave myself a long time to be alone, enjoy my own company, and just do the things I wanted without feeling the pull of others around me.

Six or so years later, I felt I was ready for another relationship and I sent out a call saying that I was ready, come and find me. At the time, I had quite a few potential women who were interested in me, but none of them felt right, so I didn’t encourage anything.

I then felt I needed to create an eHarmony (Online matchmaking service)  account, and I joined for 3 months, but had no draws to anyone. I did meet one or two, and they showed interest, but I knew they were not for me.

Then after six months, I felt a strong pull to reactivate my membership. I waited until there was a special on (which saved me a lot of money) and re-joined.

I knew I was looking for something, but wasn’t sure what. I went through about 400 profiles until I hit one that just drew me.  I went through the contact procedure, and when she answered back, I felt right away that I had found who I was looking for.

Today she is my partner, but the thing I wanted to point out here is that there was a reason it took six months to meet her.

When I sent out the Soul Call, she was in another country.  She was considering what she wanted to do next in her career path when this offer from Australia came up and the offer she really wanted to follow fell through.

So she ended up in Melbourne, Australia. The timing of meeting was just right.

When you send out a Soul Call, it will be answered, and it will be the right answer. You just have to trust the process.

25 thoughts on “Empath Series: What is a Soul Call (part 5) or does this count as a love spell?

  1. Oh my. I’ve been going thru some heavy realisations reading this. I think maybe my marriage is based on a soul call. He’s always maintained he prayed for someone like me. I was in the USA and he in Australia. It will be 20yrs we’ve been together later this year. I’ve never been in love with him but I love him. We have children and I was satisfied but we were also both raised in a cult only coming out 2 yrs ago. So both of our belief systems have been rocked and it’s really changed so much for us both. It’s an inequitable relationship due to his chronic pain over all ill health and he is on the autism spectrum. He is dependant on me. I was accepting this without much grief until the last week. I’ve had this incredible beyond understanding obsession for a new friend on FB. It’s driving me mad because I don’t know this man well he’s quite reserved and I’ve just become so inexplicably obsessed. And that lead me here. During this week I’ve come to realise I don’t want to be in this relationship for the rest of my life. That scares me! I can’t just leave him I care for him and our children. I can only hope I can set my intentions to the universe to bring the relationship to a close naturally where I don’t have to hurt people. I can’t fathom purposefully doing that to him. I didn’t even know I was an empath until about 10yrs ago. Any advise would be appreciated.


    1. Thank you for sharing. Sounds like a very traumatic time for you both. If a relationship isn’t working and making you unhappy, then it is time to discuss options. I know that for me, breaking up with my partners was certainly the right choice. Staying with them can well block your own path and his.


  2. Hi Gary. I found your posts at the right moment. I think that I’m immersed in a soul call situation. However, being the empath, I wonder if it can work the other way around. I put a call, and someone came into my life, and seems he is the one who can answer my call. We started dating, but he went away from one day to the next, but I haven’t been able of taking him out of my head. I have had all the experiences you described in the first post of this series, and have tried to stay away but has been really challenging. We’re in contact know because he’s teaching me a new technology, but I was the one who reached to him. He has no feelings for me, but i still have feelings for him even though we dated for a month and I find illogical to still like him. I appreciate your guidance since this situation is draining me out. Thanks for your content, you saved my life.


      1. Yes, at the beginning. I remember thinking/feeling that he was really alone and that he was living in a voracious way that wasn’t healthy. I also felt the desire to know him and to see him, not to date him, but to see who he was. Later on I thought he was kind of sweet. At the same time, thanks to something he thought me, I started to change habits in my life that haven’t been able to get rid off before. and I started to feel very different from whom I used to be, and many were similar to ascention symptoms, but i’m not sure is about that. I also started experiencing some sort of dark night of the soul, which has been really hard to deal with. Right now, I don’t think he needs my help and he’s more helpful to me rather than the other way around. I stood away from him for half a month, and every day things got worse: i felt that I missed him terribly, an anguish in my chest several times and I wanted to see him. To me, it seemed illogical since I wasn’t in love with him, and i don’t think I felt for him in just a month. But it hurts a little that we only talk about what he’s teaching me, but nothing more personal, and if the conversation deviates a little, he inmediately takes it back to the original topic. However he has helped me a lot, and has asked nothing in return. I still get ocassionally that anguish in the chest related to him, and keep having him in my mind, even though I’ve made my best to stay focused on my personal projects.


          1. Hi Gary. I love your blog and I wanted to update you about my experience. Actually I literally got over him when a former coworker kissed me out of the blue. I never thought of him in such a way, but we started dating although I think it was another soul call. Regarding the first guy, we’re working together now in a project that makes me really happy. Actually he gave me a professional opportunity that no one else has ever given me and he challenges me in a very constructive way. About the second guy, it was not that good to date him. From the beginning I had this feeling that it wasn’t going to work. He was fine one moment, indifferent the next, sometimes I thought he didn’t care about me at all. We made plans but there was always something that happened to him and we couldn’t meet. After a month we broke up. As long as I was with him, I felt miserable and I decided to end the relationship. I felt confused and dizzy around him. And I realized that his behaviour activated my unhealed wounds and fears. However, once we broke up, I felt as if I had lost the love of my life.I felt I should have tried harder because I knew we could work it out together. I never told him this. I started to feel really bad. Hopeless, sad all the time, confused, surrounded by darkness. I could not make sense of it. The relationship didn’t last that long but it felt as if it had been years. Besides, I felt rage against him. I have never feel that for anyone, even people who has really hurted me. One day, I had to leave the office because as soon as he got there, I started to feel really angry, and it took me like 2 hours to calm down. We didn’t told awful things to each other and after the breakup, we just say hi. But I felt so bad around him, like happiness being suckked away from me, that I decide to quit. To be fair I wasn’t happy at the company, but him was the real reason I quit. Now that I don’t see him I feel better. The last week I was feeling so much better, even around him, but there were always this overwhelming feeling of love and forgiveness toward him that I couldn’t understand. I felt I could stay by his side no matter what, and forgive him for anything and everything. But since everything felt so toxic to me, I still left the company. I say goodbye to him on friday and felt my heart break because I wasn’t going to see him again. We spoke for the last time on Sunday. HE told me that he wished me the best, he thanked me for everything and told me I was going to be one of the best memories of his life. I told him the same. After that, I started to feel bad again until this morning. I felt dizzy, sad and hopeless. Right now I feel better. He told me to call him, but I decided to move on. I would love to feel the same grattitude he feels for me, but right now I can’t. I wish him well. I hope he becomes indifferent to me very soon. All this experience felt crazy. I have no logicall explanation for my feelings taking into account how short everything was. I wanted to share this in case somenone goes through something similar; you’re not alone. And also because in the caos, I remembered your blog. AS hard as I have tried, I have no other explanation for this experience. It’s nice that he got better, but I wish I didn’t feel worst. I just wish to feel happier.


          2. From what you describe. it sounds like he has hooked right into your energy. It sounds toxic overall. You may want to consider bach flower remedies to help break the connection.


          3. Thank you for your answer Gary. I started to look at bach flower remedies. However I don’t completely understand what “hooking right into your energy” means. Could you please explain me a little more about it? Thank you very much.


  3. This series is very informative. I am currently in a soul connection with someone that is very different than anything I have experienced before. Your words resonate with me, but so does the whole soul mate/twin flame connection described on the Internet by others experiencing similar situations. How did you know that your second wife was not just another soul call? I too called out for my soul mate, feeling strongly that I was ready. But mostly knowing instinctively that he was near. I embarked on my own soul enlightenment journey while grieving over the loss of my mother. A year and a half later I had successfully transformed myself into a happier, more positive person who is present and living in the moments rather than living in the past and worried about the future. After all yesterday has already happened, tomorrow may never come, I only have today. I was content and finding joy in the little moments that each day brings. Thanks suddenly, I’m thrown into this situation with a work colleague that I didn’t particularly care for and had instinctively avoided contact with for the past year. I am an empath, a natural born energy healer, and clairvoyant. I’ve learned to manage these gifts by choosing not to become romantically involved with anyone for the past 20 years yet still using my gifts in the most positive way to help others. Yet, closing off didn’t keep this man from entering my life and creating the most intense, heartbreaking, beautiful, liberating, soulful experience of my life. So, how did you know that your second wife was your soulmate and that what you were feeling was true love and not a product of being an Empath? I trust my intuition and the messages I receive from the divine universe and my guides that he is my soul mate. Yet, we are not romantically involved and he shows no sign or desire to pursue anything more. Dark energies/emotions surround him all the time. The empath part of me wants to help, get closer to him, but I have left him alone not wanting to impose. I am coming out of a dark night of the soul for the past 7 months that started when he decided to ignore my very existence and projects frustration and anger towards me. I apologised despite not knowing what i have done, trying to repair the hurt and pain I sense within him. The connection has has changed. I no longer get Astral visitations from him or feel his energy around me all the time. Instead, I feel overwhelming joy and unconditional love that has blown open my heart chakra when I think of him. It is so different from the intense highly charged sexual energy I felt before. I am confused, wanting to reach out to him and disclose all of this. Yet, something holds me back. I have been actively seeking employment else where yet the universe is holding me here hostage due to still unresolved issues I sense between he and I. I’m waiting for this to all pan out and reveal itself. In the mean time, he is coming around me again and now speaking to me. Something has changed. Should I allow something to develop between he and I or not encourage anything? Your help is greatly appreciated.


    1. Those are good questions.

      First a clarification. This was not my second wife. I did not wish to remarry.

      In this situation, it was not a soul call. It was a fulfillment of agreements that was made before I was born. Sometimes, in order to do dangerous work, you need to have those who have your back. This was one of those cases.

      A soul call can be recognized by the need to save or help someone. If you take the out of the equation, how do you still feel about the person?


  4. Hi! Fantastic material!!! Thank you!
    I have few questions. Can both people involved in a soul call feel the intense draw towards each other? Now if they were both awakening empaths, both unexplainably drawn to each other, could it still be a soul call? Can soul calls align so both parties were asking for help at similar times? Or because we are both empaths could one of us be getting lost in the others emotions?


    1. Sometimes. Depends on what needs to be done. Not all people will respond to the soul call in the same way. Some won’t even know they have sent one out. It’s best that way at times. Remember, the key is, do you feel a desire to help and save this person. If so, it’s generally a soul call.


  5. Hi Gary,

    These are wonderful articles. Thank you so much for making them available, as they help me a lot to understand what I am going through.

    I was diagnosed with Bipolar and HDP because of my emotional swings and sensitive feelings, but it doesnt explain my attachment to certain person who is in trouble, like metal to magnet like you said. Also the urge to say something to someone that is might be considered as crazy thing to do by normal people, but the pull is so strong if I try to ignore it, it will only get stronger until all I can think about is to conplete the task, but once the task is done no matter the outcome is, I feel a tremendous rush of relief as if I can see a brand new sky.

    And yes, I can detect a lie or a manipulator which often cause me in ackward position and beibg labelled as ignorant/impolite person since most people tend to like sweet white lie/manipulator while I draw myself out of the situation immediately.

    Once I felt like everything I said or did or think were wrong in front of others, but it is killing me inside. Luckily my current psikiater keep encouraging me to do things my way and embrace who I am and my gifted talents.

    Again thank you for sharing your life experience, knowledge, ezpertise. May life brings you the best of all things, always.



  6. Lovely story, my husband always says to me that slow and steady wins the race, and I want to smack him because I am so impatient although I know he is right 🙂


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