Empath Series: Psychic attacks or why am I feeling so drained?

This particular topic might well come across as controversial, (though, by now, you’ve probably come to expect that from me) but those who have experienced it will tell you that they are real, and those who haven’t will more than likely scoff.

The subject is psychic attacks, and, like Empaths, sounds like something lifted out of either fantasy, or the horror genre.

However, let me assure you that they are real.

But what is a psychic attack?

In a nutshell, it’s an attack on a psychic level that attacks your weakest points. Supposing, for instance, you feel guilty about some action you have taken, the psychic attack will magnify that feeling to the point where you will bring your life to a standstill.

The key to stopping the attack is identifying the source, and the source can either be human, or something on the astral levels.

If the source is human, it’s often done with deliberation. As surprising as it may seem, the attacker knows exactly what they are doing, and they are doing it maliciously.

Due to the work that I do, and the reasons I am here, I’ve made some people rather upset, and I have certainly experienced attacks on me. These entries will not be about those attacks, though.

On the astral levels, the kind of beings that attack you may be negative entities that sees you as a threat, or negative astral beings that uses the negative energy generated to feed themselves.

This is a topic that all Empaths, and especially those who consider themselves Light-workers, should be aware of.

Psychic attacks lead to energy drains, depression, exhaustion, and a sense of hopelessness that there is no point to anything.

Do not be spooked by them, though. As devastating as they can be,  and as scary as they sound, they can be dealt with, and they are also amazing opportunities for growth and identifying your weak spots that you may wish to work on.

This series will take a look at what types of attacks there are and what you can do about them.

Next: Emergu Hitchhikers.


29 thoughts on “Empath Series: Psychic attacks or why am I feeling so drained?

  1. This topic hit very close to home for me, I am an empath with other abilities, and unfortunately i suffer from panic attacks but not normal ones. Psychic panic attacks, the dark ones who see me as a being of light and they know exactly how to effect me. I have been told by many that this is just not true. Besides my husband you are the first to say what we have known all along. My husband is my anchor so when he is home, he mutes my gifts but when he is gone all bets are off. I am so thankful to have found your blog today! You have been my day maker 🙂


    1. Welcome, and yes, it is very true. It’s like most things, though. Unless you actually experience them, you can’t know what it’s like. Most will simply just work to invalidate your truths simply because they don’t match theirs.


  2. I always called them psychic vampires. Before I knew what they were or how to recognize and block them, I would literally pass out in a crowed area, or become violently ill for days, totally drained when dealing one on one, sometimes by just passing a stranger on the street. Now I don’t just block them I become a mirror and reflect it all back to the source.

    Thanks for spreading the info!


  3. This particular topic is one which tends to get people in ‘trouble’ by posting about publicly (as I found out..hah). Yep, what you say is quite true. Even if it’s unknown to most people.

    Sorry for the strange attacks by that commenter below…(Although it’s not my fault – it’s still unpleasant to deal with), but actually that exact point in my opinion is ‘the dark manipulating someone to attack you’ – exactly because you’re posting bit’s of truth which certain beings don’t want us to know!

    I will mention that when I started more regular posting on ‘this topic’, I was under attack almost every day, for hours on end. It became a nightmare.

    ‘Psychic attacks lead to energy drains, depression, exhaustion, and a sense of hopelessness that there is no point to anything.’ – that stands out for me.

    Stay safe.


    1. Thank you for your support, and yes, this is an incredibly hard series to write as there are interruptions and attacks at every turn. However, that has never stopped me before, an it certainly won’t stop me now.

      As you said, it just illustrates that it does happen, and there are forces behind it that are not happy.

      As a side note, when I got the initial e-mail, before I even read it, I had a strong thought enter into my head to shut down this blog (along with a victim / poor me sense).

      Guess I need to continue, hey?


      1. Hmm, my thoughts while writing it were actually of me deleting my old blog because I wrote a lot about dark psychic attacks and then I got them (almost every day!). My own thoughts probably rubbed off on my message haha. I’m certainly not outwardly asking you to close your blog. I was hoping you didn’t struggle as much as I was with it.

        You really are an empath 🙂


  4. im no stranger to psychic attacks and i can get them quite often.

    when i do get attacked, i automatically run for my Bach Flower Remedies (BFRs) stash. (for me: Aspen, Walnut, Mustard, Star of Bethlehem, Oak and Olive are my best friends plus like 20 other remedies. :P)

    naming and/or identifying the “energy” attacking you, helps greatly as you are now aware/focused on this “energy” and you can take the steps to handle it accordingly. 🙂

    nice job, pops. 🙂 i do enjoy your blogs.


  5. By the way Gary quit folollowing me arounf the internet, looking for another sorry- – – ? I will not be me. I can see right through YOU. Sorry – – – .


    1. very interesting comments, “Reverend Psychic Medium Darcy Dee Drogorub”.

      seems you have illustrated the point of this current blog quite nicely. 🙂 kudos. ^__^

      what i find interesting is that you attack gary here, claiming he is “following you around” and he must charge a “pretty penny” for his services, when you, my friend, solicit your “services” on at least 3 out of 5 of the wordpress.com account(s) that you have in your name (do you REALLY need 5 accounts? srsly?) PLUS you have a paypal account set up for your “services”. i bet you ask for a “pretty penny” to be sent to you paypal, dontcha? (~__^)

      annnnnnd……. the truth shall set you free, revealing what is “truly” there.

      *holds up a mirror for you*

      the adversity one sees in another person is merely a reflection of the adversity that is battling on inside of one’s own self.


      1. Oh, You are talking to yourself again Gary, watch it!!! You are NOT as hidden as you think.Lay off me.I am at the top looking down, you are still at the base of the mountain,scratching for the gold.I did not read this post , as I do not need my eyes to see, nor my ears to hear,ect….you know that spiel……..Lay off me , People who ask for bad Karma do get it.I do not know you, I do want to know you, I am that quick.NOW,GO HOME.AND TAKE YOUR IMAGINARY FRIENDS WITH YOU.


        1. Please enough with the attacks. Any more and you’ll be put on moderation. I’ve unliked your post (which I actually thought had some great fractals) and so you can leave me alone now.

          On a side note, I notice that when I’m giving information away for free, there are always those who find this threatening.

          So thank you, once again, for showing up just when you were needed, and go in peace and with blessings.

          PS: Check the IP addresses, you’ll see I’m in Australia and the other is in the USA. I’m good, but not that good. 🙂


        2. o_O? my name is mari. nice to meet you, however i wish it was under more pleasant circumstances. 🙂

          well, i can see you are looking for a fight, which you started in the first place by negatively commenting on this blog you didn’t read, so fair enough. *shrugs*

          let’s agree to disagree and go our separate ways, “Reverend Psychic Medium Darcy Dee Drogorub”.


  6. And for a pretty Penny I will bet you can sell this poor victim some help. with their non-existent problem Gary. No pain, no gain .Simple and efficient learning technique.And that leaves you finding a REAL job.Sorry —


    1. Appreciate your point of view, however until you’ve actually experienced these things yourself, you can’t really confirm of deny if it’s real.

      But thank you anyway 🙂


    2. I did initially miss the reference suggesting I charge for helping others. However, I doubt anyone I’ve helped would claim that i have, esp J, who has known me for a while now.

      So don’t fret, I’m not your competition.


  7. oh, wow! Gary! Your series is all about my life! 🙂 Yes, psychic attacks, by humans and astral entities, can really be disastrous. Those by humans, who undertake them deliberately, at least leave your physical strength in tact, in comparison, but the astral attacks have seen me bed-ridden in the past. I have battled with the human-inflicted variety for the past very many years, especially the last half a dozen years where they reached a crescendo, and finally overcame them only now.

    In 2010, a time had come when, due to sheer exhaustion brought about by the astral variety, i had to take support even while walking around the house. Was totally drained of my life force, my energy that left me through my toes and soles and upper arm, especially the right one.

    Both these kinds of attacks have to be dealt with, with determination and strength which the predators are trying to sap. Both are unadulterated evil – in equal measures.


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