Empath Series – Psychic attacks. Types of attacks or what the heck is low level?

Practical Psychic Self-Defense

Types of psychic attacks – Part 1

Psychic attacks come in many forms.

A wonderful example was on my comments page for the first entry in this series. It was seen for what it was, though. Seems that something doesn’t like me putting this information out there!

Generally, you can identify them when things go wrong in ‘clumps’ or events happen that shouldn’t occur, especially when it’s the worst possible timing.

If the attack is being done by another person, the attacks can be quite severe.

Around 2004, for instance, a friend of mine (now departed) told me that things had been going wrong for her for a while. From what I could tell, she was certainly under attack as the things she described were classic signs.

At times, I can normally track the source, especially if I’m keeping an eye on things. We discussed what might be behind it, and I asked her about a certain person who I knew was very dangerous. She told me that she had told him that she didn’t like him (he was actually hitting on her) and he, of course, took offence to it. She showed me the log, and said that things started to go wrong right after that incident.

I was able to put a block on the attacks, and things returned to normal right away for her.

As it went, this particular person seemed to target all my friends, and has even given me a run for me money several times.

Was he doing it deliberately? Yes, he actually was. I had verification over the years that he knew what he was going, and all my warnings about him to my friend have been vindicated.

Once you know the source, it makes it much easier to deal with the attacks and block them. I still keep an eye on him today, but unfortunately, he is not the only one of his group that does this, so it can be challenging at times.

Whether the attack comes from someone in the flesh, or from the astral level, there are certain kinds to be aware of.

I’ve put them into categories or levels. (Oddly enough, I don’t know what they mean, as some of this information was channelled by my guide!)

They are:

·         Personal Attack on the Physical Body (low level)

This can take the form of aches, pains, stomach aches, cramps, etc. I’ve had instances where it felt like I was having a heart attack, which is also a symptoms described by others who knew they were under attack.

·         Attack on the Mental Body (Medium level)

This is where you psyche is directly attacked. You might feel emotions such as guilt, hatred, jealousy, envy, depression, fear, etc. That being said, an attack always targets your weakest point. This gives you an opportunity to identify what areas you need to work on within yourself. Once you can identify the point, you can work to heal it, and the attack will cease.

·         Attack on the Spiritual Body. (High level)

The temptation or the pressure to do things you normally won’t do such an illegal or immoral activities, or the feeling to do something take bad risks or do something dangerous that you normally wouldn’t do. Sexual adventures are a typical example, especially the temptation to put yourself into dangerous situations.

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14 responses to “Empath Series – Psychic attacks. Types of attacks or what the heck is low level?”

  1. Saph Avatar

    I had come to realize that people who harmed me or my loved ones always suffered some misfortune . One of my family had an problems from an ex and their family , Threats etc . Letters from the mothers bosses e. mails led me to believe that he was involved in causing problems . I had a very very realistic dream or astral experience where I had thrust my hand into his chest and squeezed and twisted his heart venting my anger . A week later I heard he had just passed away .. After having a heart attack a week earlier ! . The day I had the “experience ” . I can now physically attack in the astral state causing physical harm or throw stuff off shelves by focusing on a person or place . No matter where they are , I can find them . No , I do not demon worship or study the dark arts . I have simply harnessed a power available to us all and only use it against people who attack me first . But the power is phenomenal . I can wipe a shelf clean and sweep all the ornaments off and send them crashing to the floor , making it seem as though the place is haunted . But my point being that I had not understood how I was bringing misfortune to people who harmed me . Only that they would have a car crash or get injured or they would suffer one or the other misfortune . It is all in the mind and the power to focus energy .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      As above, so below. In the end, people open themselves up to attacks by attacking others.

      The level of power you describe tends to be uncommon. Hence it’s really important to always come from a place of love. It’s all to easy to manifest things. 🙂


    2. Chantal Avatar

      Hey guys im under some serious physcic attack. I really need help clearing it out.
      If anybody is willing ill be so greatful and offer whatever i can( within reason)

      Its definatly high level physcic attack that i have been experiencing for months now…
      Im definatly a really good person and im pretty confident these people from my class are attacking me for asking them politely not to attack the other students with their energies ( commanding them)
      Now they follow me around and command and throw energies at everyone i meet (basically) they threaten to kill me and my family as well.
      I dont truly believe they can kill me personally but im worried for others.
      They definatly dream stalk me as well. Im a healer/empath and my abilities have been harnessed in a completely different fashion


      1. ecclasia Avatar

        what class are you in with them?


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  4. nattietee Avatar

    Is it possible for another person to be making attacks on you without realizing it? By just hating you? My husband and I have had financial hardships for a little while now but one bad luck thing after another has happened. Around the time that this all started I had a falling out with the person that I co-owned my house with as she wanted to sell it and I couldn’t afford to as I would come out in massive debt. She didn’t take well to me not doing what she said and since then has had a scathing hatred for me that I could not understand even though I did everything I could to help with out putting myself in major debt. I still owe her money until I can sell my house. I doubt very much she would know how to purposely send a psychic attack but her attitude toward me is, like I said, scathing. Could our financial misfortunes have come from here? I am aware of the astral entity attacking me, could there be more?


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Yes, it’s certainly possible. I don’t want to make everything into a psychic attack, but it must be noted negative thoughts towards someone, especially on a consistent basis, will manifest in some way. You don’t have to know how to attack someone, but you certainly will be able to affect them if the energy is strong enough.


      1. nattietee Avatar

        That is interesting. Is there a way of finding out if this is the case and if it is how can I deal with it?


        1. Gary Leigh Avatar

          You could as Gemini or you could trace the energies back to the source, and see if they are coming from there.

          When you do this, it’s like a channel, as though you’re following a threat of light. If it feels clear and your intuition feels good about those thoughts, then yes, you have found the source.

          Transmute the attack into light, bless it, send it back and block it.


          1. nattietee Avatar

            Thank you. Gemini actually encouraged the question. She couldn’t be the one to tell me this. We will do this, thank you so much. I recently asked for divine help to deal with this woman as she is my fathers partner and so there are complications. I have a sneaking suspicion what I will find. Thank you again.


          2. Gary Leigh Avatar

            Welcome. Keep reading this series. It will cover many of those questions and methods on how to deal with them. (Given away free, must to the disgust of psychics it would seem lol)


          3. nattietee Avatar

            Will do. Thanks. 😀


  5.  Avatar

    Wow. I have had a ton of trouble & been hit on all levels. I am doing much better now though I seem to be a light beacon (literally) for less desireable energies. Perhaps as I say, because dark is drawn to light as a moth is to a light?? Loved this Gary. Super information as was the last one. Look forward to the next!


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