Empath Series – Psychic attacks – Signs of my own attack or I really should consider another gig.

sad facePsychic attacks: Attacks by either people, or entities. Do they really exist?

For those who haven’t actually experienced them, I would not blame you for thinking that I’ve been watching too many horror movies. (I actually don’t enjoy watching them so I don’t.)

But until you’ve been under one, and then identified it as such, and then found a way to block it, it’s hard to even fathom that such a thing can exist, or be real.

Having said that: Like psychic attacks, Empaths are real, and they fall into the same type of category.

Personally, I’ve a very long history in regards to psychic attacks. I’ve had experts try to take me out, and yes, I know how deluded that sounds. (Mind you, those same experts will certainly verify what I just said; especially one I know reads this blog.)

To go into that story would take a book, and it’s not relevant to this particular blog. Suffice to say, I have plenty of experience in regards to such things, and what to do, and how to counter it. I’ve also done some curse breaking, though that is often a tricky business.

The past three years of my life have had their fair share of attacks on me. (Or moments of opportunity, as I prefer to call them, but then no one would know what the heck I was talking about.)

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve experienced most types of depression, and while I can’t say I enjoyed any of it, it did give me deep insights into the causes, and what I needed to do to heal from it.

People might wonder, though, do I still get depressed?

The answer is, yes, I do, and it is exhausting. Life and being an Empath will do that to you. I also can come out of it just as quickly, especially as I know what I need to do.

However, there was one type of depression I was not having any luck with these past years, and that was a sense of hopelessness, coupled with spiritual and mental exhaustion.

I experienced the following signs: (as detailed in the previous entries.)

  • Things going wrong in clumps.

This means that too many things went wrong, including things that should not go wrong, or were dumped into my lap and made my problem, all at the same time. Too many things that would be against the law of probability. Then suddenly it clears… until the next time.

On a side note, the number triple six always comes up several times in a row just before such events occur. It has been doing that for around 25 years. And no, I am not religious or follow The Bible.

  • Thoughts being whispered into my mind.

These are more like negative feelings, such as: What is the point? Your partner will leave you. You’re not making a difference. And similar wonderful things being sent to my mind. At its worst, (and I’ve had this happen back in 1993), the thoughts try to convince me that everyone would be better off without me, and I should just throw myself under a train. A case is built that sounds reasonable, seductive and a poor me / victim mode kicks in where I sit there stewing and feeling sorry for myself.

Still, I’m a stubborn and tenacious bastard, so I don’t

  • Feeling drained and exhausted all the time.

This is actually the worst one. When my fatigue level gets too high, and I don’t get enough sleep, I will start to go into meltdown mode and even if I do get enough sleep, I can feel a distinct drain on my energy, as though the life and optimism is being sucked right out of me.

That was the one I struggled with on a constant basis for the past three years and it’s also something that many people describe when they are feeling depressed.

  • Interruptions whenever I was working on a project or something that I am doing to help others.

I was reminded of this one because that’s exactly what just happened. Someone will draw my attention away from what I’m doing, thereby delaying or stopping my stream of thought. This particular series seems to have had it come up a number of times now.

  • Seeing darkness or fog around me, or others.

If I stare from my third eye (the area above your eyes), I will sometimes see the room around me dim, or even fade to black.

If I use the same technique on someone who is under attack, their face will literally become hidden behind a black cloud. Until you see such a thing, it’s hard to imagine it. Still, I know I’m not the only one who has observed this.

My ex-partner, back in 2000 saw the exact same thing around her daughter’s face. What was interesting was that I did not mention that I had seen it, too.

Her daughter was under an attack, and cleared it by sending light to the darkness.

I’ve observed this quite a number of times, and every time I send light to that person, they will, without fail, suddenly get up a few minutes later, feeling much chipper and much better.

If the room goes dark, it’s generally because something negative is there.

Recently, while I was at work, I started seeing a white fog before my eyes. That was a new one. It didn’t feel good, though.

  • Sighing a lot and feeling a sense of despondence.

I would get this a lot, especially when I’m working on something like this. It’s a feeling that something does not want me to complete a project. At its worst, I get a sense of hopelessness, and it’s very difficult to fight it.

The thing about psychic attacks are that they attack you are your weakest point. They will home in on your guilt, your doubts, your fears and anything else that you have not resolved.

That is why I call them opportunities, because they reveal what your weaknesses are and allow you to deal with them.

Next: Mustard – the wondrous remedy against attacks.

17 thoughts on “Empath Series – Psychic attacks – Signs of my own attack or I really should consider another gig.

  1. Gary I have recently, in the past few years, had sight attacks where my vision was partially and then completely swallowed by black. I was sent to the hospital where they checked for possible stroke behind my eyes and everything physical was fine, They put it down to an optical migraine, even though there was no pain on my part at the time, But I do remember I was under a great deal of guilt and stress at these times. My question though, is where does this come from, another person who is projecting evil thoughts my way? I have felt responsible for bad things happening to other people at times due to my projecting but that is another story. Is it really possible? If so we should be so careful for what we wish for,,,and if it is possible, how do we defend against it? BTW loving thoughts your way…thank you so much for your blog you have helped me immensely. Patti


    1. That’s a somewhat complex answer and if you like I can address that in a future blog. But yes, what one projects can certainly affect another… but.. and there is a big but here… it can only do so if the target actually resonates with that particular energy. Otherwise, it will simply bounce of them.

      Hence, spells, curses, the so called pointing the bone, etc, can only affect the target if the target is already susceptible. The purer and more loving someone is in their heart and intentions, the less likely they will be affected.

      This is why intention and loving thoughts towards others is so important. Do not curse your enemies, bless them.


      1. Yes, I would be very interested if you would address this in a future blog. There are only two people in this world who I would say I have projected terrible thoughts onto, my ex husband and his wife. After I left him he decided that the best way to get back at me was to disown our four children, which you can imagine hurt them greatly. I am a very forgiving person but my mama bear came out when this happened and I truly felt hate for the first time in my life. I don’t want to feel it but some things seem unforgivable. However, I do know it is within my power how I feel and that hanging onto hatred will only hurt me in the long run. I’m just not sure how to do this at this point as the hurt to my children is ongoing. Working things out is not an option as he will not speak to them at all. I guess this is a time in my life where I will have to figure out some way to grow….


  2. This is really powerful Gary. I have had several attacks like you have described – including the long onslaught of depression of many years. I crossed my mind over the years that that was a source at times but I was still unprepared to deal with those kinds of realities again. Over the last two years I learned I should have listened to my inner knowing- Some of it was violent in nature.


    1. Sometimes, it gets to the point where all subtlety is dropped, and it becomes as blatant as anything. (You also know that’s the point where something or someone is getting desperate.)

      It’s especially interesting when someone you don’t even know does the attacking. 🙂


      1. Hi Julie,Thanks for liking my last post. I rlelay like this article of yours. I consider myself an empath (clairsentient) but since I recently got attuned to Reiki level 2 I am starting to get more quick flashes of knowing . I guess I am a mental intuitive too from what you describe. Is it possible I could develop more psychic seeing (clairvoyance) too or are their limited differences in each persons potential in your opinion? I can’t see auras but I wish I could. With some people I feel their dissociated feelings in different parts of my body and am able to guide and support them to release the repressed emotions from childhood. For example, I will feel pain and tension in my right upper shoulder and neck when this person is dissociating his repressed feelings of anger toward his father (left side would be about his mother). Louise Hays guide has been very helpful for me to make the connections of which emotions need to be released. Thanks again for this very informative post.


  3. oh, i know when you talk of deliberate interruptions… if ugliness doesn’t work, then soft distractions and interruptions are sent…anything to ensure you don’t complete the task. Of course, ultimately, one does complete it but, then, like everything else, DESPITE the attacks. It’s rather exhausting because everything takes twice the effort!


  4. I know from experience that I am an extremely sensitive person. Sometimes it’s hard to weed out the stress to find out where it is truly coming from. Normally I find my two best friends to be the primary sources. I will usually ask them if they are the ones with such feelings that I am exhibiting. If they agree, I have found my source. I have a lot-hate relationship with it. Sometimes my senses are very acute and strong. One example is when I needed to find my dad after class. A voice in my head told me to drive to Walmart. He had been running around and I had not got hold of him for three days. I felt strange and I was inquiring with myself about this trip to Walmart. Anyway, I listened and proceeded. Once I got there, I just asked, “Now what?” Then the voice said to “buy deoderant.” I laughed at myself repeating it out load–an elderly lady looking at me oddly as I got out of the car. I went inside and directly to the deodorant isle where my dad was shopping. I stood there in awe for a moment as he asked me what I was doing there. I told him I was going to look for him but a voice in my head said to go to walmart to buy deoderant. He laughed and said that was why he went there in the first place. It’s interesting how our senses can be open to such things.


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