Empath Series – Psychic attacks – You can’t destroy fire with fire or I shall smite thee verily.

Image-1 (1)Many Light-workers consider themselves as spiritual warriors. They see the darkness, they spot the enemy, charge in with their shield and sword, strike it down, and the day is saved.

The enemy is vanquished by taking a stand and defeating the darkness, hopefully for good.

The day is saved and all is well.



In actual fact, attacking what we perceive to be evil, dark, and negative is possibly the worst thing you can do.

In fact, all you are doing is empowering and enabling those things.

It’s like fighting a fire by throwing fuel on it and then wondering why it’s growing stronger, rather than going out.

It is also the very opposite of what a Light-worker actually does and what they stand for.

You cannot change the energy of something by feeding it the same thing it feeds on. You have to introduce something else.

As mentioned, I spent a good part of my life under psychic attacks, and up to the age of 20, I was fighting a daily, but losing battle.

At the time, it didn’t really occur to me that this wasn’t normal. It was just something I just had to put up with in my everyday life.

I’ve faced down a lot of attacks over the years, but this type of attack was different to the ones that came later.

It’s hard to describe what it was like. Best I can do was that it was an overwhelming, clawing sensation in my mind. The pain was more mental and psychic, than physical, but it was there, it was strong, and it was unmistakable. I felt that if I gave in, I would lose myself, or possibly go mad. (It was only many, many years later that I understood what was actually going on there.)

I didn’t tell many people about it, but those I did pretty much told me that it was the devil trying to take my soul, and that I needed to resist and ask God for help.

It was actually pretty useless advice, because it only helped in the moment, and the moment I took my focus away from asking for help, the attacks would return just as strong.

But I had nothing else to go on. There was no information out there, and even those who were supposed to be psychic and knowledgeable were completely clueless.

So for many years, I was determined to beat old Satan, and I would ceaseless fight him, and attack back, while avoiding any references to his name, lest it draw him and give him power.

Needless to say, the battle did not go well.

It was a silent, private, daily battle that I was surely losing. Yet the thought of giving in or even losing was, to me, unthinkable.

Each day, little by little, the attack would become stronger and I knew something would have to give, though I did not know what would happen to me if I gave in.

Then, one day, in 1984, I was at lunch when I suddenly found myself reasoning that I had spent years fighting this thing, with no success, and it appeared that my hate and anger was making it stronger.  If that was the case, then maybe sending it love and peace would help.

So I sent out a message that whatever was attacking me could join me, as long as it was in  in peace and harmony. I also sent it thoughts of love instead of anger.

It was in that instant, the attacks ceased completely. It was as though someone had flicked a switch. They say that what you resist persists, and what you make your own disappears, and this was certainly the case here.

My life changed from that day onwards.

The biggest lesson, which I carry with me to this day, was that the only way to overcome such attacks is to not engage them and be of a higher and loving energy.

Bless them, send them love and light. Give them peaceful thoughts. Be compassionate because those who are attacking know not what they do.

Over the years, I’ve come across many attacks: Some on me and some on others. The ones on me have been more a nuisance factor than any series danger or problem. I’ve always come out of it better and stronger for it. (Though, to be fair, there were some close calls, but the answer was always given to me on how to overcome them, which may not have been the case if I had just attacked back.)

What has amazed me is that nearly every time I come across someone under attack, their method of dealing with it is to attack back, and with as much hatred and force as they can muster. They also tend to pull the ‘victim / poor me’ card, which also doesn’t help anything.

Psychic attacks do happen, and there are a number of ways to counter them, but never, EVER, attack back. Never give the source any more energy to attack you with.

Next: Other methods of protection.


17 responses to “Empath Series – Psychic attacks – You can’t destroy fire with fire or I shall smite thee verily.”

  1. NetherRealm Avatar

    I can really relate to this article! The last few years, I became aware of three very negative (at least 2 demonic) entities at a location I used to love visiting. These entities took hold of misguided people running the business, and the place became darker and darker. I also knew they were keeping good spirit energy captive. Instead of fighting these bad entities, several others and myself have been working to free their prisoners. We’ve been subject to attacks, but they’ve become weaker and weaker over time. We can’t change these bad entities, but can end the suffering of the good ones, and return their spark of light. Without prisoners, a evil warden has no one to control.
    It’s also become noticeable that the living being controlled has also weakened, but they are unaware of how and why because they chose not to believe. I’m satisfied that I found a way to shift the dominant energy without seriously endangering myself or my family in the process.


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Yes. People seem to be taken over easily it would appear. I read a blog recently about portals where the blogger also mentioned that he was aware of spirits that were trapped, and was told they may not be freed.

      This bothered me greatly because it didn’t fit my understanding of the greater reality, and I immediately wondered if something darker was behind it.

      Lots of spirits seem to be trapped nowadays. I wonder if it’s because less rituals are being done to free them or show them the way home?



      1. NetherRealm Avatar

        That was also my blog.
        Good point. I have to say that some people/groups who profit off haunted locations are easily upset at the suggestion of letting spirits go. It makes sense to me that if they are easily influenced, they can work in tandem with other entities, to trap spirits.

        I find that frustrating that spirits are being trapped like zoo animals so people can go out and “hunt” at night. The shoe can always end up on the other foot when they become the hunted spirit.


        1. Gary Leigh Avatar


          It has been bothering me very much lately. Especially those ‘most haunted’ places. (Such as Tombstone AZ)


          1. NetherRealm Avatar

            You’re always going to have places, no matter how many times you cleanse and seal a location, spirits will wander in.
            Places like Tombstone, AZ are so close to tribal land, that you have to be very careful with what you do there.
            Historical walks are great. I’m not a fan of places who call paranormal tours investigations, and stick 30 plus devices into the hands of strangers.


          2. Gary Leigh Avatar

            Yes, be careful, however I feel that it’s important to free those that are trapped in a realty of their own creation.

            Really, though, it’s a complete subject on its own.


  2. starlight Avatar

    Just to let you know I read this article with facination and can’t help but think this was an important lesson for you – dealing with the attacks and learning how to neutralize them. Even though I have been through this type of thing to an extent…it wasn’t for 20 years! So I do respect your opinion on the issue. So I think the worst thing you can do is lower your frequency to the level of the attacker. Thing’s have been pretty smooth for a while and I’ve got no complaints, but I’m sure I’ll be facing this issue again sometime.



    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Thanks Jamie, and yes, you are so very right.

      It was the most important lesson and eventually, when things came to its climax in 1996, I knew what not to do.


  3. nattietee Avatar

    As you know I have been dealing with my own attacks. In my recent experience I found that if you trace the attack back to a human you can find their light spark and expand it. With no malice intention you can fill them with their own love. Help them to feel more love/light. If the person is in their body and unaware it is easy. It’s like sending good vibes or a prayer, like you might for a friend in need. If the attack is purposeful and from their astral form they constantly move around trying to block you. They know what you are doing and try to avoid it. This way you do not try to force your energy onto them but use love to help the problem. I found all this when trying your method in finding the source of attacks. So thank you.


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Yes, that’s exactly right.

      You are not only healing them, but helping to remember their true essence.

      What many fail to realize is that they are the same as us, only they have forgotten who they are.


  4. Empath Series – Psychic attacks – Other ways to protect yourself or how new age of you. | Psychic Empaths Avatar

    […] Empath Series – Psychic attacks – You can’t destroy fire with fire or I shall smit… (areyouanempath.com) […]


  5. Kessie Avatar

    Thank you for this post. I needed to read that.


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      You’re welcome. 🙂


  6. J Avatar

    Love, yes. Joy? Probably not. Was probably too tired.


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      It’s really in the energy you send. High enough and the negativity tends to be repelled by it.

      Like someone cynical watching a saccharine movie.


  7. J Avatar

    Perhaps I was too porous, and not strong enough then, but when i encouraged the dark things to join me instead of pitching themselves against me, i started absorbing their darkness – muddy, black – and turning into something which i did not like. It was an effort to cleanse myself, wash off.

    I’ll await your piece on Methods of protection. I keep mine a blazing silver light, egg-shaped, and constantly moving around me. A psychic vampire, in a rare mood of confession, had told me once that it’s very easy to penetrate that which has distinctly defined corners, sharpness. (Had even offered, in vain, to teach me how to penetrate and take away another’s energy!!!)

    But I’ll wait for the next piece from you to know more about methods of psychic protection.



    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Just a question, were you able to be a sense of love and joy when you did that?


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