The many signs of being an Empath – You are not alone.

PsiZone log revamp from Ted

You may think you’re crazy or just oversensitive, but you might be really an Empath.

Often referred to as HSP or Highly Sensitive People, the Empath will pick up on the feelings and emotions of others around them as though it were their own feelings.

They are not the stuff of science fiction and they are way more common than you think.

You may be one… and not even know it.

Knowing you are an Empath can change your life.

There are many signs that you are empath and here are just a few. As I remember them or note new ones,

This is an ever expanding post. I will continue to add them to this list.

  1. You care too much about other people, even to your own detriment.
  2. Strangers will tell you their life story and say: I don’t know why I am telling you, but I feel I can. They also tend to offload their problems onto you and you may be too polite to tell them to stop.
  3. You will feel lonely, even when around others. The sense of loneliness of being an Empath doesn’t come from being alone, it comes from not being able to talk to others about what you are feeling and feeling there are no answers to your questions.
  4. You may suffer from attention deficit disorder. (ADD) You may easily get drawn into feelings and emotions that come up seemingly randomly. Next thing you know, you are somewhere else and you’ve lost track of what was going on.
  5. If you are naturally psychic, being an Empath will give you additional information about places, people and events.
  6. When someone else has a bad day, you have a bad day in sympathy.
  7. You take on guilt very easily, even for things that you did not do.
  8. You will do anything to keep the peace. Any tension will make you feel very stressed and you can’t relax until everyone else is happy.
  9. Even if you enjoy a particular activity, you won’t enjoy it if the people around you are not into it. You would rather do it on your own or something else.
  10. You can’t bear to see other people or animals in suffering or in pain.
  11. You can always tell when someone is lying. You are a human lie detector.
  12. You find it very difficult to say ‘no’ when someone asks you for help. Many Empaths get treated like a doormat. They don’t want to upset others or make them feel bad by refusing help
  13. You like giving surprise gifts and making others happy just for the sake of it. If they feel good, you feel good, even if it’s just for that moment.
  14. You suffer from anxiety for no apparent reason. Sometimes the feelings will be overwhelming, especially when something major is going on in the world. Stock market crashes are often a bad time for Empaths.
  15. You suffer from clinical depression and mood swings and have no idea why.
  16. You often feel overwhelmed by events and emotions, sometimes to the point where you short out and stop feeling anything at all.
  17. Holidays, such as Christmas, are a very bad time for you. You often feel sad and lonely.
  18. You will always give the benefit of the doubt to someone, just in case they really didn’t mean to say or do something you consider hurtful or negative.
  19. You may suffer from seasonal depression. Autumn might make you feel especially depressed.
  20. You might find you are very psychic, picking up on people and events before they even happen.
  21. You suffer from social anxiety and find it hard to be around people, especially if you feel you shouldn’t be there. Parties are hard and tedious and nightclubs are like a living hell for you.
  22. You want to save the world, but feel too depressed and despondent to do it.
  23. If you hear of someone who is having a hard time, or is unlucky in life or love, you want to just save them and make them happy.
  24. You cry when watching romantic movies, even if they are really bad ones, and you feel embarrassed about doing so.
  25. Old songs make you sad. You long for those past times, even if they were horrible at the time.
  26. You just know things. Even things that no one has never told you. You don’t know how you know them, but you just do.
  27. You don’t know where your feelings end and others begins. You may not even be aware that they are not your feelings.
  28. If someone tells you about their pain or sickness, you will sympathy pains.
  29. You feel constantly exhausted. Chronic fatigue is a reoccurring problem for you.
  30. You are drawn to new age things, especially alternative medicines.
  31. You are extremely creative, though you may feel embarrassed about sharing that part of you in case others reject it or make fun of it.
  32. You may well feel at one with nature. Cities are very hard to live in due to all the psychic pollution that is about.
  33. You are always seeking knowledge. You may not even know what you are looking for, but you look for it anyway.
  34. You daydream a lot. Go on adventures in your mind. This can happen anywhere and anytime.
  35. You can sense the energy of food. You can tell if it feels healthy or not. You are also drawn to bad foods that make you feel good, such as chocolate or sugary treats.
  36. People may consider you strange, aloof or indifferent.
  37. You may have difficulty urinating in public, especially if you feel under pressure. If someone is waiting, you will give up and try to find a place that isn’t being used.
  38. You attract sociopaths and narcissists into your life that will use and abuse you. They will convince you that you are the one who is wrong.

When people find out they are an empath, they ask: How do I know I am one? Generally, only an Empath will ask that type of question. Non Empaths do not care.

If you find yourself nodding along to the above traits, then yes, you are certainly and Empath. The good news is there is so much you can do about it. You can turn what so many call a curse into a blessing.

Help and resources are at hand and they need not cost you a cent.

The free Empath Guidebook was written especially for the Empath and can be downloaded from

You can also join the Facebook group which focuses on resources and community.

If you want to connect to other Empaths and spiritual people in real time, you can try the chat room.

You are not alone.


40 thoughts on “The many signs of being an Empath – You are not alone.

  1. Empaths look indifferent but in reality, we are very generous and kind. We love hiding our real personality from others to protect our ready.


  2. Thank you for this list. It’s very useful to see and extremely relatable.

    I’ve only very recently discovered I may be an empath – I take on others feelings, people-please to the extreme, feel alone despite being in the company of others, need a lot of alone time and hate peeing next to someone!

    A gift, for sure. One which seems to give so much to others, and take so much from me… addressing this imbalance is my life’s challenge.


  3. The ADD, random anxiety, and public urination (though for me I’d say it’s public pooping in shared bathrooms with just one stall, since that defiantly takes longer) is so spot on xD


  4. I’m a retired police officer and I have extremely sensitive emotions. I was injured on the job. When someone gets hurt or worse I feel extremely sad. Like I let them down because I wasn’t there even if it’s half way around the world. I pick up on danger. Always have. I’ve had several people tell me that they think I’m an empath. I didn’t even know what that was. I’m 52yrs old. Do you think I’m possibly an empath?


  5. I have discovered in past 2 years I’m a empath. But reading this blew my mind. I have 99 % of these. I suffer from severe anxiety but have it controlled by medication. I was married to a narcissist for 10 years. But finding my way through life one day st a time.


  6. I’ve been told many times I was an Empath. I think I’m in tune to animals and places more than people. People are drawn to me. It is a confusing journey. Thanks for this clarification.


  7. Hi Gary.
    I’ve been lurking around here for years …. I’m extremely empathic, in my case I had to develop the sense because my parents were both violently emotional and publicly rigidly proper. I had to protect myself! Most of my life was very lonely and rough going, til about 16 years ago, I found God’s signal! He’s still a great help, though I spend much more time with people these days. I’ve been remarkably successful with the markets, when I tune in on the right people. I got a “soul call” from a young native while vacationing in Ethiopia. Though she spoke no english at all at the time she is now, 14 years later, my closest ally …the reason why I have not written before is that I am a poor teacher, very effective at doing stuff but no good at all at teaching others …. but maybe its time to get involved here ….what do you think?



    1. Hi, John,

      Thanks for your comments and yes, I feel quite a few can relate to your experiences.

      But sure, get involved. It’s a good way to hone your skills. It’s how I’ve done it.


  8. Why would the test outcome make me cry endlessly. I’m holding it in, but it’s happening inside. I thought I would be a mean person through my answers while taking the test, then boom, I’m high level Empath. I’m lost. Are Empaths mean people, or overly nice?


  9. Hi there. Today I really feel I have made a breakthrough, I have been suffering with severe depression for a long while, and I think what made it so bad was not knowing why I was suffering. I couldn’t work out where or why it had started and that weighted me down everyday. I even got to the point where having a few family members over would, after a few hours, having me hiding away upstairs and often crying for no apparent reason. Nothing would of happened but it overwhelmed me having so many people there. While searching about my depression on the web I have come across this, it makes perfect sense now, it is the exact description of my feelings and feel that this is a starting line to my path back up the mountain. All I am looking for now is good techniques that might help block out these feelings or anything that can ease the sadness I suffer from. I want to learn to feel why this gift is a blessing.


  10. I’ve never posted on a forum like this and don’t really expect a reply. I was raised southern baptist by my father who is a preacher. A few days ago through a serious of strange events I came to the understanding that I’m a empath.

    Truth be told I don’t understand what all it means. This was met by a feeling of relief and terror because this shit is not supposed to be real. Or at least that is what I always thought. All my life I’ve stayed isolated largely and called myself a introvert luckily I did meet my wife who loved even when I broke down and told her what was going on with me. For the first time in years I cried. Today I feel like I’m recovering but my whole body felt like I had been hit by a train.

    Look I’m from the south and a small mountain town at that. For the first time in a long time I’m reaching out please help I’m scared I’m loosing my mind.


    1. Hi, Dylan,

      Yes, it’s all real. In spite of what everyone will have you believe. I have put an abundance of information on such things on my website ( and there are some amazing support groups out there.

      I also offer one on one help for those who need it. (Details at

      In any case, it sounds like you were experiencing a dark night of the soul.


      1. Dylan, I don’t think that realizing you are an empath is anything to be worried or frightened about. I suppose that coming from a very religious background, this may be very foreign to you. I have known I am an empath from a very young age (5 yrs-old). No one understood how or why I could perceive the things I did. Don’t expect everyone to understand – or even accept. Just be who and what you are. I have had to guard against absorbing too many peoples’ feelings, as it can be ovewhelming. I am very mindful of who I tune in to and how much I allow myself to absorb. Generally, I avoid crowds and prefer to be alone with only my husband around. New experiences and realizations can make one feel emotionally shakey. But don’t dispair. Just read all you can on the subject, be calm and soon you will adjust.


  11. I’ve never posted on a forum like this and don’t really expect a reply. I was raised southern baptist by my father who is a preacher. A few days ago through a serious of strange events I came to the understanding that I’m a empath.

    Truth be told I don’t understand what all it means. This was met by a feeling of relief and terror because this shit is not supposed to be real. Or at least that is what I always thought. All my life I’ve stayed isolated largely and called myself a introvert luckily I did meet my wife who loved even when I broke down and told her what was going on with me. For the first time in years I cried. Today I feel like I’m recovering but my whole body felt like I had been hit by a train.

    Look I’m from the south and a small mountain town at that. For the first time in a long time I’m reaching out please help I’m scared I’m loosing my mind.


  12. I have researched Empaths for months now and to be honest I was alittle excited about “finally figuring out what was wrong with” But I think it complicates things even more, why? Im not sure. I will say I see why some people consider it a curse. Its like ok, I feel/pick up others emotions but know what. Yes sympathizing for someone is a warm and nice trait to have but THEN what! Im extremely drained, I dont want to do much(maybe change in season), I hate going to work due to all the different personalities, I have been used, betrayed, and hurt by people I thought were my friends. This is a consistent headache for me! I’ve bought crystals, meditate, pray, exercise, eat healthy, spoken to others “like” me and spiritual advisors. Im Exhausted…


  13. This is really weird for me. I just newly discovered this, and I am in my teenage years. I’ve been having too many mood swings and I don’t understand. I have so many questions and insecurities. I don’t want to dump my emotions on anyone, but it’s become really disconcerting. Thanks for sharing this! It really helped me understand a bit more:)


  14. Wow! I am so glad I stumbled upon this website and of course this topic of discussion! I’ve been researching for such a long time about certain traits of an empath. I didn’t realize it until the other day, that I’ve always had such traits since I was a little girl. One thing I do notice that is new, is that I am starting to hear little “voices.” I’m not sure if that is my little “voice” inside that is giving me advice on what to do or what? I am totally new to the entire empath world of knowledge; And of course, it is hard to find someone I can talk to this about. Also, I forgot to mention my name but it is Shernelle. And, I would love to get to know all of you and your experiences. 🙂


  15. I know her feeling,I don’t know how many times I wished it was just over,because I feel so alone. I feel much better knowing that there are more like me, I’m not alone.


  16. I am new to this website and do hope to connect with others. Do you know of any other empaths in the Philadelphia PA area ? I live in the area and would like to know if there are others around. Thank you so much for all you do and all the understanding you show.


      1. I’ve long since accepted what is going on … I wake up in the middle of the night wondering if maybe the chicken I had had for dinner was not fully cooked, only to learn the next morning that a woman living down the hall had been on a red eye flight back from the coast and the guy in the seat next to her threw up in her lap ….I’m outdoors splitting firewood when I suddenly break into tears, and an hour or two later learn that the poor man downstairs just had his monthly paycheck stolen …it would be nice if this sixth sense of mine had some way of identifying “WHO” is sending all this garbage to me … it would be even better if at least I could select what people are allowed to send me their crap, but I am gradually realizing that my ONLY defense against it, all my life, has been to learn how to make the people around me to be happy … and I am finally getting to be decently good at it …actually really, really good at it….

        Liked by 1 person

  17. I have know I am an empath for many, many years. I don’t want to change who I am but there are times when it is very difficult to go on. Is it selfish of me to , sometimes, wish I had someone to talk to who would understand ? I am afraid that my needs would harm others by making them think I am selfish. So I spend a lot of times developing spirituality and crying by myself. Sometimes in think about suicide but worry that taking my life would not solve anything. Please be honest. Am I selfish or crazy. ?


    1. An Empath’s needs are not selfish. They need to be taken seriously. Sadly, many don’t. Few understand the pain we go through. Have you tried connecting to others in the facebook group or the chat room?

      Also, in another note, I’ve noted that suicide does not really provide any solutions. You can’t really kill yourself and you tend to cause yourself to return in another timeline. (strange but true.)


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