Depression series: Melancholy or Why does my heart feel so bad?

It’s only one line, but Moby made it into a whole song and if you’re an Empath, you might well feel that sense of depression when you watch the video.

For me, when I first saw this back in the year 2000, it brought out the pain of loneliness and a melancholy so profound that it was irresistible as it was seductive.

At the time, death was calling to me, and I felt it, and at some level, I knew it. And while that is a subject for a future blog, at the time, I felt the sweet surrender of despair and while hope remained eternal, I knew things were coming to an end.

And they did in some ways.

Empaths, especially psychic ones, can sense the future. They can sense when something is going to happen. There are many stories of how psychics couldn’t shake the feeling of doom weeks before 9/11, and I wonder how many picked up the coming tragedy of the Boston Marathon Bombings.

This is a different kind of depression to the other kinds. Make no mistake, it’s as potent as any other type, but this one also has a sense of fatalism that can’t be avoided.

You know something is going to happen. You don’t understand what, but it’s there. And your heart, and your soul is heavy and hurting. Your eyes are on the verge of tears, but there is no apparent reason, and all you want to do is curl up in a corner, and hide away.

I know when I finally move on from this life, my biggest regret is leaving those who do love me.

I know they will be fine, but the sense of loss is always there. For the most part, that’s what holds me here in this current lfe.

When a coming event changes life, the Empath will feel it, and they will mourn its passing, even though it has yet to occur.  Change is never easy, but it’s made harder when it hasn’t even happened yet.

Melancholy is a horrible form of depression to experience. More people experience it than you would suspect.

If you experience it, keep a diary, and compare it to major events that happen later. You might be surprised at the results.

Bach Flower Remedies that can help with this are:

Sweet Chestnut – when change is foisted upon you.

Star of Bethlehem – for Shock and trauma.

Aspen – For vague fear and anxiety.


10 responses to “Depression series: Melancholy or Why does my heart feel so bad?”

  1. xaranahara Avatar

    Cute video. It actually was a nice distraction. I have been feeling melancholy. I know how my friends are feeling before I call them and ask. When I woke up this morning, I had a panicked sense of dread. I called one of my best friends, and she was having a breakdown before I called her.


  2. Gary Leigh Avatar

    Reblogged this on Psychic Empaths and commented:

    I still feel this is as relevant now as it was when I posted it.


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  4. confessionsofsocialworkstudent Avatar

    This is interesting because I wondered the same thing as my overwhelming feelings of sadness started less than 24 hours before the Boston bombings and I kept thinking about another athletic event someone I know wants to participate in and had a bad feeling about it. It’s just bizarre that I associate my sadness with a future sporting event and then something so ghastly happened at another event within the space of a few hours.


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      It’s pretty reasonable to say that you picked up what was going to happen. Doesn’t make it any better, though.

      For instance, I dream about Tsunamis before they happen, but I can’t stop them, and I can’t even say where they will be. I just know they are coming, and they do.


      1. confessionsofsocialworkstudent Avatar

        Yep. I have lots of premonition dreams but like you say they usually don’t make sense until after the event.


  5. Lenie Palm Avatar
    Lenie Palm

    Gary, I don’t want to sound like a doom prophit, but the catastrophic disaster that is tastering me for months now is busy happening, all these bombing in America, it feels like it is only the beginning. I even try and send light and love during the day while sitting at my desk at the office to all on earth. I can’t get myself to realx in front of a book or the tv at night because I have this feeling of pain and heartsore and doom that doesn’t want to leave me. I have a request to all to please send light and love to surround the earth and to include every person and animal and plant on earth. I have the feeling if we all do it through out the day when we get a chance and we can visualize a better world where we live in love and harmony, we will in time change the vibrations from bad to good and things will start changing. Please visualize the parlement of each country changing there attitude and performance for the better of the people for that country. If each of us can do it even for a few seconds when we remember or have a chance in time we will see the difference. Please I have this very strong feeling that it is our time as empaths and lightworkers and psychics and everyone out there to do this to make the change for the better.

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    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Hi, Lenie,

      Agreed, and you know I’ll always be in that. I think it’s certainly important and well needed.


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